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We generally have lunch about one o'clock. The business man in London usually finds it impossible to come home for lunch, and so he goes to a cafe or a restaurant; but if I am making lunch at home I have cold meat (left over probably from yesterday's dinner), potatoes, salad and pickles, with a pudding or fruit to follow. Sometimes we have a mutton chop, or steak and chips, followed by biscuits and cheese, and some people like a glass of light beer with lunch.
Afternoon tea you can hardly call a meal, but it is a sociable sort of thing, as friends often come in then for a chat while they have their cup of tea, cake or biscuit.
In some houses dinner is the biggest meal of the day. We had rather a special one last night, as we had an important visitor from South America to see Mr. Priestley.
We began with soup, followed by fish, roast chicken, potatoes and vegetables, a sweet, fruit and nuts. Then we went into the sitting-room for coffee and cigarettes.
But in my house, as in a great many English homes, we make the midday meal the chief one of the day, and in the evening we have the much simpler supper—an omelette, or sausages, sometimes bacon and eggs and sometimes just bread and cheese, a cup of coffee or cocoa and fruit.
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