Grow Up


Grow Up Essay, Research Paper

Grow Up

Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional. Does growing up require the acceptance of

limitations? What are limitations? Why are we expected to grow up or act as a grown person? Have

adults always been expected to act this way? Moreover, how many adults actually do act as expected?

The dictionary defines limitations as: 1. The act of limiting or the state of being limited. 2. A

restriction. 3. Law. A limited period during which, by statute, an action may be brought. So the question;

does growing up require the acceptance of limitations? Is asking if growing up means there are more

restrictions. In many ways, it does your expected to take responsibility for your own actions. You are

expected to make good decisions, to set a good example for children, and to be a law abiding citizen. It

does not start all at one time, but usually by the age of 18, you are expected to do all of these. Moreover, if

you do not act this way, people do not enjoy being around you. Why are we expected to act this way?

Well mostly because society has made it that way.

Some people always act less grown up than others do. Personally, I water ski with two of three

that live the motto I mentioned in the introduction, growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional. The

youngest is in his mid 40’s and the oldest is 54. Chuck, who is the oldest at 54, is the biggest kid of us all.

He has a license plate cover that says, “I refuse to grow up.” He does not have any kids, so in a way he can

get away with his actions more than the others can. You might ask why? Well because Chuck does not

have to watch out for his kids and be as careful of what he is doing. Mike and Wayne, the other two I ski

with, both have kids and have to set a good example for them. So as you can see, if you have kids, you

have to be more grown up than if you do not.

No two persons are the same, so it would be hard to determine how many adults actually do act as

expected or grown up. Sure everyone likes to have a good time once and a while, but if you don’t ever act

your age people think your immature. They have trouble talking to you and cannot have a serious

conversation with the person. One example of this is the way Robin Williams used to act, in his movies

and in the real world. I would hate to be one of his kids, because you could never talk to the guy. He had a

hard time being serious. I think in many ways people were annoyed by his behavior. In retrospect, the guy

has improved and now is playing roles that are more serious in movies.

In conclusion, I think it can be said that there are more limitations with growing up. You are

expected to do more, and are given more responsibilities. You have to be a good role model. Most of all

you are allowed to make mistakes just learn from them. Some 50-year-olds are less grown up than some

20-year-olds. Whatever your age though, does not let anyone force you to grow up. That is something you

can do on your own.

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