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In this experiment we are trying to find the percentage of water in Barium Chloride

Dihydiate. During the experiment you must pay close attention to everything done. We

are going to try to stay below a 8 percent error. When timing, make sure you only have

the crucible over the bunson burner for 10 minutes, no more, no less. Be aware of how

dangerous this chemical can be, so please be careful.

Located below is a list of all the materials you will need to complete this

experiment. Please make sure you and you lab partner(s) know how to use this


Equipment / Materials

Goggles Bunson Burner

Ring Stand Iron Ring

Iron Triangle Iron Square

Computer Computer Program

Scale Chemical (BACL2)

Scoop Crucible/Crucible cover

Crucible Tongs Matches


You must pay close attention to everything at all times. Ladies with their hair not

tied back should do so do to the fact that their hair could catch fire while using the bunson

burner. Before you start the experiment, take notice to where all the safety equipment

is. You must know where the fire extinguisher is, emergency shower/eye wash, and the

call for help button. Make sure you are wearing your goggles while doing this lab. When

washing out the crucible do not turn the water pressure up all the way because the water

could splash back into your face. If an emergency does occur, please remain clam and

think rationally.


This experiment can be very exciting if you know what you are doing. Before I

started the experiment, I set up my lab. I put together my Ring stand and attached the

bunson burner up to the gas valve. Before I light the flame, I asked my partner to turn the

two gas valves on while I light the flame with a match. Now that my flame was light, I

adjusted the air flowing into the flame.

Now I was ready to start with the experiment. When handling the crucible do not

touch it with your hands, only use the crucible tongs. My partner cleared the scale and I

weighed the crucible with its lid, and it came to 17.09. I removed the crucible and added

the BACL2.2H2O. Placed the crucible and lid back on the scale and got the weight of

18.33. Now it was time to place the crucible over the bunson burner. I carefully placed

the lid on the crucible and carry the crucible over to the bunson burner and placed it on the

iron triangle and. And placed the crucible directly over the flame and set a timer to 10


While I was waiting for the experiment to finish, my partner decided that she

wanted to start another experiment. So we prepared the scale and crucible and

re-weighed everything. By the time we had finished, the alarm sounded and we quickly

took the crucible off the flame. We left the crucible cool for another 10 minutes and then

re-weight it and it came to 18.15.

Christy started to put all the weights in the computer and to our big surprise we

got a 0.23 experimental error and a 1.59 percent error. We were so glad that the

experiment went to well that we let it get to our head. We thought we would do even

better on our next experiments, but we were wrong. Our percentages started to raise and

we realized that we were not doing something right. We noticed that we were not

watching the clock and completely messed up the experiment.

Percent of water in Barium Chloride Dihydrate Experiment

Mass of Crucible and Cover———————————————————-17.09

Mass of Crucible, Cover and BACL2.2H2O————————————– 18.33

Mass of Crystallized BACL2.2H2O———————————————— 1.24

Mass of Crucible and Cover———————————————————- 17.09

Mass of Crucible, Cover and Anhydrous BACL2 —————————— –18.15

Mass of Anhydrous BACL2——————————————————— 1.06

Mass of Crucible, Cover and BACL2.2H2O————————————— 18.33

Mass of Crucible, cover and Anhydrous BACL2——————————— 18.15

Mass of water lost by heating———————————————————–.18

Percent water in Crystallized BACL2.2H2O—————————————14.52

Theoretical Percent of H2O in BACL2.2H2O————————————14.75

Mass of Crystallized BACL2.2H2O————————————————-1.24

Mass of Anhydrous BACL2 ——————————————————–1.06

Mass of water lost by heating———————————————————-.18

Experimental Error———————————————————————–.23

Percent Error—————————————————————————-1.59


Most of my error was caused by the fact of the flame not staying still in one spot.

The ventilator on the ceiling was blowing air down onto the flame and caused the flame to



This experiment was very interesting and informative. We learned the value of

paying attention to what we are doing and to not let our mines wonder.

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