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Elizabeth the Virgin Queen

The movie Elizabeth, the tale of Britain’s “Virgin

Queen,” is an enthralling movie with intriguing effects,

magnificent scenery and spectacular acting. With astonishing

assets such as the deep storyline of a heroine, splendid

cinematography, talented actors , and masterful director

techniques aid the movie to become an outstanding peace of

work that can not be missed. Elizabeth transports the viewer

into the realm of the Monarchy and has them holding their


This epic drama is portrayed as a powerful and meaningful

story. The film shows the rigorous rise of Queen Elizabeth

from her rotten beginnings as Queen Mary’s hated half-sister

to her reign as one of England’s most successful Monarchs.

Elizabeth details a specific political process as much as

anything else, a process that enables the determined young

queen to assert herself over male domination and to

consolidate her rule. This throws the viewer into the

compelling world of England’s Monarchy during the middle

ages. And simultaneously portrays Elizabeth as A role model

to striving young women everywhere.

This wonderful and powerful production is aided

immeasurably by the photogenic quality of the twelve gothic

churches and castles in North England that were used for

filming locations. These locations perfectly complemented

the chiaroscuro lighting effects. The engulfing soundtrack

and the fluid cinematography allows the film to encompass

the viewer into the depths of the middle ages. Darkly and

effectively lit by cinematographer Remi Aderfarasin and

lushly illustrated by production designer John Myhre and

costume designer Alexandra Byrne, Elizabeth is a magnificent


Cate Blanchet gives a riveting performance in the film.

Blanched not only looks like Elizabeth, but she interprets

the part of a determined young lady riddled by the

uncertainty of a precarious position, with great precision.

Her time on the screen is a performance of worth, from the

energetic, naive young girl, to the hellcat virgin queen,

she literally melts white steel in the hysterical, complex

spectacle. She breathes life into the revered historical

figure, transforming her from an old picture on an

encyclopedia page to a flesh-and-blood individual whom an

audience can root for and care about. The film’s flowing

simplicity and powerfully engaging momentum makes

“Elizabeth” a majestic ode to a unique woman who shaped an


The supporting cast in this feature is also extremely

talented. With Geoffrey Rush as the crucial role of

Walsingham he brings sinisterly to the plot and is down

right evil. The hellasious Mendel played by Christopher

Eccleston brings out antagonism and mutiny. Also Sir Richard

Attenboroughs ,a methodical conniver who helps Elizabeth

consolidate her power, performance complements Blanchetts

tremendous performance with equally impressive acting. Other

actors such as John Gielgud as the Pope and Fanny Ardent as

Mary of Guise also give a wonderful performance in this


Directed by Shekhar Kapur, Elizabeth is a master piece

of film that often combines the poetic rolling hills of

England with demented and dark pictures of battle and

imprisonment. Kapurs accent on visceral and textured

lighting is wonderful. His camera is always imaginative as

well, for example until she shines forth at the glorious end

of the film in all her frontal iconicity, Elizabeth is

continuously seen through distorting glass and flowing

veils. The best visual effects of all are the dynamic

close-ups and always moving camera that are continuous

throughout the running time.

Overall this film making con not be put aside. It is a

top-notch movie highly recommended not just for the

beautiful scenes and impressionable costuming but for the

powerful story it represents and portrays. Anyone from

teenagers on can learn and appreciate this film. It is a

must see that will keep you on your toes and educate you at

the same time.

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