Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton Essay, Research Paper

By Jenny Gerhold

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Diane Rodham was born on October the 26th 1997 at Edgewater Hospital, in Chicago. Her parents Hugh and Dorothy married in 1942. When Hillary was still young she learnt to stand up for herself. She told her mom that Suzy was bullying her and her mom said “There’s no room in this house for cowards. You’ll have to stand up to her.” Hillary later knocked Suzy to the ground and said “Mom, now I’m tough enough to play with the boys! ” After this she became a natural leader ” She wasn’t just interested in having power, but to help people. She felt sorry for the Mexican migrant workers , and organised neighborhood sales to raise money for them. She was a vice president of her junior class.

She spent four years at Wellesley High School. During the Vietnam war Hillary and her fellow student held a demonstration to stop the Americans bombing Vietnam. She majored in political science and also studied psychology. When she started at Wellesley she was a Republican but later became a Democrate.

Hillary was a Grade A student always and went to Yale Law School, where she met William Jefferson Clinton. In the summer and fall of 1972 Bill and Hillary both moved to Texas to work for the Democratic presidential campaign of Senator George McGovern. In January 1974 she was part of the legal staff for the House Judiciary Committee. This was a very exciting time for her as they were investigating President Nixon’s involvement in the Watergate scandal. After working in Washington DC , she decided to leave and go to Arkansas, where Bill was teaching at the University of Arkansas Law School. Her friends couldn’t understand why she was throwing her life away to work in a dirt-poor state. But often her answer was simply. “I love him”.

In October 1975 Bill Clinton and Hillary got married. She continued to work as a lawyer and kept her family name of Rodham when she married. In 1980 they had a child named Chelsea.

The first election at Arkansas in 1980 was not a triumph, and many people blamed it on Hillary with her thick glasses and baggy sweaters. Hillary had to change. She got soft contact lenses, wore make-up and fashionable suits. Bill Clinton won the next election and Hillary changed her name to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In January 1992 Bill Clinton had an involvement with another woman. He said “I’ve made some big mistakes in my past, but I have learnt from my mistakes and I am completely devoted to my family. Throughout her marriage, Hillary Clinton has continued to support her husband.


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