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Millenniums and millenniums of evolution brought us in the situation in which we are now, no-way-out. Earth is overpopulated, polluted, exhausted by our blind exploitation of all its resources. In this game over situation for the human kind scientist discovered a planet very similar to our world. Only, we can t all go. There are not enough places on the starships for all the human population. A choice has to be made, who will go and who will stay. A tough choice for the ones who must decide. I am among them; it s my responsibility to choose. When it comes to criteria, they are subjective. I must to be as less subjective as I can.

Firs thing I would expect from a pioneer is to have free, untainted spirit, adventuress s nature and courage to face the unknown. Really, the new world will be a great unknown to all of us. Scientist can t predict all the aspects of the life on a distant planet. Independent thinking, independent acting are only some of the everyday challenges a pioneer will be expected to do. Also, civilizing the wilderness is a long and demanding process. Pioneers must be explorers in order to find the best environment for them. Giving up some life luxuries for better tomorrow is a grateful idea.

Also, pioneers must be open-minded and free of any racial, religious or national backgrounds. They will all be ambassadors from earth. A generation that is given the opportunity rarely given to human kind, to start building a society from scratch, but with all the knowledge that mankind accumulated through history. Any religious or racial segregation would mean that we haven t learned anything from the past. It will cause misunderstandings, conflicts, and eventually wars It must not happen on Earth II.

Finally, the most important issue. We must ask ourselves what made our mother Earth the way it is today. Technology, exploitation of natural reserves, consumption hungry societies. Earth II must take different approach, more psychological then technological evolution. We must explore human mind and all its possibilities. To build a society of mind-over-matter domination, not vice versa.

God has given us a second chance to start all over again. I myself am a part of this master plan. I will contribute as much as I can by choosing with reason, huge responsibility and most important faith. Faith in brighter future.

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