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Question, What does it mean to be civilized? Well, according to Webster , it is to bring out of a state of savagery into one of education and refinement.

Answer, I personally believe that it is much more difficult to explain this complex word. There is the word civil in civilization and civilized, but naturally there are civilizations that some people wouldn t consider civilized. These civilizations such as the Incas for example often sacrificed live humans to their Gods during difficult times. Obviously this behavior wasn t very civilized. On a high note though the Incas built a wealthy and complex civilization that ruled more than 9 million people. Along with their system of government which was among the most complex political organizations of any Native American people.

So ? If I were to write a definition for civilized, it would read:

Intelligence, kind heartiness or both; creating wondrous things, like empires or kingdoms, towns and cities, and even intelligent thoughts. I think that this definition suits civilized well and as I have shown just because a person or group is a bunch of brutal, murderous, savages does not mean that they are uncivilized. They are just evil beings destine for a rough trip down the road when there time runs expires.

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