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Faith is a quality everyone has. It is built into our system, just like our heads, legs, hands. In an Oxford American Dictionary it defines faith as: reliance or trust in a person or thing. Without faith you cannot trust anything or anyone. Faith carries out the trust in the person you believe it to be. Faith is constant it cannot die out.

Faith which is a feminine name, but faith meaning an unquestioning belief that does not require proof or evidence. Goodman in the story Young Goodman Brown had this faith that his wife Faith was a regular person. Little did he know that this faith was about to vanished.

Goodman Brown did not want to believe in his heart that his Faith was a witch. Goodman Brown came from a honest family, and he says: “My father never went into the woods on such an errand, nor his father before him,…and shall I be the first of the name of Brown that ever took this path and kept.” It was his faith that gave him the thought that he did not belong to this errand and path.

Goodman Brown later found out that his wife was definitely a witch he said: “Faith! Faith!” cried the husband, “look up to heaven, and resist the wicked one.” Goodman now thinking what if Faith were to go to hell, thinking of a way to save her from the devil. He was trying to turn Faith’s life back on the road to heaven.

Likewise I have this faith that there is a God in the high heavens, and soon he will deliver us out from sufferage. Many people have this faith that the world will end. All the wicked people will be destroyed. Faith is an important part in my life without it there is no purpose in life. Faith will help me to be strong and strive for the goals I have in life. It will also help you in life too. So have faith in yourself.

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