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Thinking of our world today makes me wonder about tomorrow, a year, a decade, or a century later. I look back at what we did in the past and what we have accomplished as a race, a human race. It makes me realize how much can happen in a matter of years. What will happen in this next century? How advance will are technologies be then? How much of the world, as we know it, still be around?

Will us humans be the same? We have changed in the years. Are life spans, and are length, height, and weight. Are morals, values, judgments, goals, and are dreams. We have become dependent on other lives, and on technology. How much more will we depend on a computer to do for us? A computer already does almost everything a human can and more. Will we develop a computer with feelings, or a soul? That is about the only thing a computer does not have we do. I think we will develop more computer related material. I picture fewer jobs, because computers will do more and they will not have to be paid. I picture our vehicles being run by computers. No schools, because everyone will be schooled over the computer. So our human race will lack social skill, because we learn in school how to communicate with on another.

I wonder will our governmental system be the same? Will we still be a republic? I don t think so, in the next century I think we will either be communist or there will be no governmental intervention at all. I picture a war; A war that we have created, when we created the first nuclear missiles and nuclear bomb. This war will be created because we slowly let go of our will to keep our world a safe, and nonviolent world. Violence, I predict, will greatly increase. We as a family, community, and nation will see bloodshed and violence everywhere. We already see more then are grandparents did. Do you think your ancestors saw kids walk into schools shooting? Do you think they saw mothers killing their newborns in microwaves, and drowning them? No, are society grows use to the violence. The more use to it we become, the more it will happen. Guns, pistols, bombs and other weapons will be made much more, also making it so much easier to pull that metal trigger. Killing will then become a game to us and our world will be killed. We will destroy the one thing that makes us who we are.

Medicine will be much more useful and become more advance. We will find cures to all are killer diseases. A.I.DS, Cancer, meningitis, and many of are other diseases. There will no longer be wheelchairs because we will find a way to heal injuries on the spinal cord. There will be no deaf, blind, handicapped, or mentally ill people. This will happen, because we will be able to stop it all before they are even born. Doctors will look for any abnormalities or problems, then treat it while the fetus is still in the mother. Are life span will grow in years, if we do not kill it off by bloodshed and violence. We will live longer and maybe some will live forever, if are government keeps a strong governmental system and help protect us as a nation.

What will happen to us? We live in an unpredictable world; yet there is some signs that let us know the little things that are bound to happen. We know are technologies will reach new and higher levels. We also know the violence in our lives are happening more and closer to home. So we see what and where we have grown since the eighteenth century, so we have an idea where we grow more. Some of what will become of us, as a world is good and bad. If we know what we don t want to happen in the twenty-first century, we can as a whole try to stop the bad that we can predict.

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