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At Brookwood Media Arts, we understand how to help companies create, develop and implement successful Internet strategies. Combining our years of experience in Internet marketing and graphic design with our expertise in the latest Web-based technology, we produce, and continually maintain, a wide range of Web sites, intranets and extranets for corporate clients across a broad range of industries.

Our Approach

Meeting the needs of our clients is Brookwood s top priority. As your Web site developer, we will strive to accurately reflect your organization through online branding. Beyond re-purposing your brochures and marketing materials, we will create an online experience consistent with your company s image.

Working with your key personnel, we will get to know your company, inside and out. After gaining a thorough understanding of your business, your industry and your corporate objectives, we ll construct a site that effectively communicates your message. Together, we can create a Web site that meets the unique goals of your entire organization.

Our professional team of creative designers, programmers, database experts, writers and marketing specialists, sets a new standard in Internet-based solutions. All Brookwood developers are fluent in the latest programming languages, including Java, Java Script, Perl and Active Server Pages. We are also proficient in the latest software tools and e-commerce applications, allowing us to develop sites with varied degrees of functionality, complexity and imagery.

The end result will be a superior quality site that is well-planned, custom built and creatively designed. We keep the user in mind by constructing a graphical user interface (GUI) that is easy to understand and simple to navigate, while keeping download times to a minimum. In addition, we rigorously test the entire site for usability, functionality and overall format in all versions of Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer, ensuring a consistent Web experience for every user.

Marketing Your Site

At Brookwood, we understand the importance of getting your Web site noticed. Our team will do everything possible to generate a high volume of appropriate, targeted traffic to your site. We will register your site and relevant keywords with all the major search engines and use our programming techniques to ensure that your company receives high visibility. And, as experienced Internet marketers, we can help spread the word with banner ads, Web directories, reciprocal links, online newsletters, e-mail promotions, press releases and more, to further enhance the site s exposure and boost your volume of visitors.

Maintaining Your Site

Once your Web site is active, it is critical to keep it fresh with the most current information on products, promotions, technological developments, company news and more. With minimal training, we can instruct your staff to update your site, allowing you to maintain control. It is also important to know how users arrive at your site, where they go while they are visiting and how long they stay. Accordingly, we offer several maintenance packages with statistical analysis to help you understand the flow of traffic and to make your site more effective with periodic refinements.

Corporate Intranets & Extranets

Intranets and extranets allow employees, contractors, suppliers, customers and investors instant access to your company information. Routing and sharing documents, e-mail, online conference centers, collaborative computing and e-commerce are but a few of the benefits for your company s stakeholders. In addition, Brookwood can show you how to take advantage of Internet technology to provide real-time, convenient Web-based training. Secured intranet and extranet sites can change the way you do business, saving your company time, money and valuable resources.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We ensure the success of your site by defining your objectives at the outset, involving your staff in each phase of development and making sure that your site meets all expectations. At Brookwood, we stand behind our work, and we guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Our Clients

Brookwood has developed a wide array of Web sites for regional companies, multinational corporations and international organizations. To learn more and to view our portfolio, please visit the Web Site Development section of our site at www.brookwood.com or call our sales department toll free at 1-800-783-1712.

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