Director’s Concept: “Into The Woods” Essay, Research Paper

Director?s Concept: ?Into The Woods?

For most people family is one of the most important parts of life. For they are the people who raised you and taught you things needed in life. For most of us we have a connection with are family that is unparallel in life, which is the reason for are undying love. At times though there is a point at which we take are family for granted like they will always be around. Parents might do things that are not agreed upon by the children, yet the parent thinks it is in the child?s best interest. Sometimes it might not even be the best thing to do in that situation, yet parents have a true desire to protect their children from the dangers of the world. On the other hand, children do not always listen to the advice their parents give them and can get themselves into a lot of trouble. Anyway you look at it, most of the time we do not realize what we have until it is no longer with us. Many times we take our family for granted and when one passes away there are many things we wish we could have said or done to show them are love. The play ?Into The Woods,? by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine is a direct example of how families treat each other. There is conflict ranging from hating sisters, to protective mothers and a disagreeing husband and wife. In the end lives are lost, family are in pain and those left realize that they need to treat their family better and hold on to the loved ones that they have. Families do encounter many difficult choices together, but they also must solve the problems together, and keep peace within the family, because bad choice will be regretted when those loved ones are not around longer.

From my interpretation of the play?s theme I have decided to set my play on the 28 of December 1999, 3 days before the millennium. The location is New York City, using Time Square at the main concentration of the play, much like the woods. The Empire State Building will be the site where Rapunzel?s is keep by the which. It will be a room at the very top, which is unknown and inaccessible to anyone. The young couple will have to retrieve 4 things from the witch. One, the young boy?s white kangaroo, two the silver shoe from Cinderella, three, the beautiful long hair from Rapunsel and fourth, a beautiful mink coat from a little, young actress. The young black boy will find a port within an Inner City New York alley and discover his riches. The port takes the young boy to Japan in which he steals money and rare valuables from Japanese crime family. The family then returns to get their stolen goods and in the process kills people that get in their way. The witch will be meet in Central Park, and will appear as an old, wrinkled up lady who appears to be homeless and feeds the pigeons the entire day. Cinderella will be a beautiful girl in ragged clothes and she wants to make an appearance at a large party thrown by a movie star. She then is made up into a beautiful lady and pursued by the movie star of her dreams. They all end up wondering around Time Square searching for or running from their respective items or people. The millennium will be the time set by the witch for which the items must be retrieved by the young couple. If not retrieved by the deadline there wish will not be granted.

The Charters will be dressed in present day clothing, Cinderella and the Young Actress girl with the mink coat will be dressed very stylish and with trend setting clothing. Except before Cinderella?s wish is granted then she will be dressed in ragged handy downs from her sisters. The mood will be dark and along with the colors to give it a somewhat eerie feeling.

The Japanese men will be dressed in Suites, and all have dark sunglasses on and only one will have a speaking line and be the leader. The Young Couple will be dressed in casual clothes, but made to look like a normal couple from New York. The sets will be large and elaborate in order to give the full Time Square Effect. The lights will be bright, yet much still allow for a hollow mood. Modern day store signs from Time Square will be visible and there also must be tall sky scrappers visible in the background. There also must be a dark alley way between two buildings in Time Square, along with bench?s and light posts. In Scenes with the Empire State Building and Rapunzel a tall structures must be in place given it a busy New York City affect. The boy and his mother will be a poor family from the inner city, dressed in clothes with holes, dark and trashy looking. They will speak using lots of slang, yet also nice and easy to get along with. The house, in which the movie star lives, will be very elegant with nice glasses, furniture, a chandelier, with beautiful paintings all along the walls. The colors in the house will mainly consist of white or other light, elegant colors. All extras, and actors will have Hollywood like dress attire for their tux and dresses. Their manner of speech will be proper and somewhat snobbish. As for the Central park set, there will be lots of tall trees, old lamppost, a pathway, and park benches along with rocks and leaves and other debris.

This is a brief discussion of what how each character should be and how clothing, props and sets should look. After the deaths of some of the characters, the play depicts how hard it is to lose a family member or loved one within the pursuit of material possessions or dreams, that you might think will make you happy. It will also show how material possessions are not worth taking for granted loved ones. In conclusion we should not risk emotional happiness for material or superficial happiness and well being.

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