Louie Freeh (Director Of Fbi) And Correlation


Louie Freeh (Director Of Fbi) And Correlation To C Essay, Research Paper

Louie Freeh Louie Freeh grew up a normal boy in a normal family. He had the respect of his parents and those in the community. His actions and attitude fit his job as director of the FBI. His leadership tactics can be compared to that of community oriented policing. Community oriented policing involves satisfying the needs and requests of citizens as well as the department. In a police department the chief or sheriff or that person who is in charge must be personable as well as those in the chain of command. The public s view of law enforcement has decreased over the years and C.O.P is an attempt to bring the public s view and respect for law enforcement to a new level. Upon entering the office of Director of the FBI, Louie Freeh promised several things. He promised to raise public view of the FBI and eliminate as much of the criminal element from the streets as possible. From the beginning the public approved of Louie Freeh as he brought a renewed sense of purpose to the FBI. Freeh makes it a priority to meet once a week at Quantico with new recruits and current FBI agents. He is a personable guy although his position and the past of FBI directors would say otherwise. His interest in his agents and officers concerns make him a likeable man by both his colleagues and the public.

One of Freeh s main concerns was to boost morale and public support. That, of course, would be a major role of community oriented policing. Freeh is also out in the public often in an effort to accomplish said concerns. Freeh has gained the respect of the public and from his agents and co-workers. He has done so through leadership techniques similar to those of community oriented policing. Although there are many criticisms of community oriented policing and of Freeh s decisions, overall the community is behind both of them

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