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2. You are the city manager of a medium sized city. In an effort to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality, you encourage workers to form car pools or choose other alternative ways of traveling to work. What kind of incentives might be effective for getting people to change their habits?

- I would first off remind people of the stress of driving in city traffic and how if everybody participated people would get home to spend more time with their families. Which serves as a good handle when trying to butter people up so that the rewards program, which will be instituted in the car pool program, will be equally split between individuals participating in the program. Only people who own cars that can carry 3 or more passengers, 4 including driver, may participate in the carpool program. The incentives for the car pool program are airline mileage (50 miles for a month’s worth of driving), and $12.00 for every 45 minutes used by driver to take passengers home. For all people who are going to use other means of transportation (public transportation, bicycle, etc.) will have other incentives such as; if a person takes public transportation they will be given a card that will be stamped everyday they use the transportation. If by the end of the week the ticket is stamped for everyday of that week they get one and half hours paid vacation which will be totaled at the end of the year. If they miss any days, even if it’s only one day, they don’t get the credit for that week. If a person chooses to ride a bike to work he or she will be given a company bike free of charge with no

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