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Keywords are shortcuts to your favorite places online. Most AOL areas have a keyword assigned to them. If the area has a keyword, it will be listed in the bottom right corner of the window, for example, the keyword for the Shopping Channel is Shopping. Remember the keyword, and the next time you want to go there, use the keyword to go directly to the Shopping Channel.

How To Use Keywords:

1. Type the keyword for the area you want to visit into the white box on the toolbar. When you first sign on to AOL, that box says “Type Keyword or Web Address here and click Go.”When you click on the box, the name of the current area will be highlighted.

2. Click Go on the toolbar to the right of the box.

Note: You can also type Internet addresses, such as “” in this text box to go directly to that Web site!

You can get a list of keywords at Keyword: Keyword

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