Things Aren


Things Aren’t Always What They Seem Essay, Research Paper

Antonio Garza


Things Aren?t Always What They Seem

As a Hispanic young man, I have witnessed many racial remarks and expressions.

Many people think I am Anglo-Saxon because I am light complected. I have not only

noticed racial slurs from Angle?s, but also from Hispanics. People tend to open up in front

of me, because some of them think I am Anglo-Saxon and do not know Spanish. I can

recall the first day of summer school, my first day of work, and the time that Anglos? stare

at my girlfriend wondering why I left their race for a hispanic girl.

My first day of summer school was a day I will never forget. As I walked into my

class the students just looked up at me and stared as if I was a portrait. In a polite

manner, the teacher told me to sit next to those girls at the corner. At first they were quiet

and then the whispers began. ?Oye chulo,? they began to call me. I didn?t know what to

do, so I did what any guy with a great girlfriend would do, played dumb. Then they began

telling each other that I was probably rich and conceited. Their remarks about my clothing

and the color of my eyes and hair, surprised me. I was not upset because they were

Hispanic. I am sure that I would have been mad if an Anglo-saxon girl would have talked

bad about a hispanic guy or girl.

Another time hispanics thought I was Anglo-saxon, was when my best friend?s dad

got me a job at his company. The first day he showed me around and majority of the

workers were hispanic; once again they all looked at me again. My first encounter with

my racist co-workers was during lunch. As I sat down to eat my sandwich, the guy I got

to know asked me if I wanted to try some Mexican food. That?s when I gave him this

expression that must have stunned him, because he asked me what was wrong. I told him,

?What, do you think I?ve never eaten Mexican food or what??

He replied, ?Sorry, I didn?t think know white people knew anything about

Mexican food other than tacos.?

?I am not white, I am a mexican just like you!? I exclaimed. From that day forth I

was treated just like one of the guys. It is strange that hispanics are always fighting for

equality and an end to discrimination. Ironically, they are the one?s that are being racist.

The only time I can recall being treated wrong by Anglo-Saxons, was the time I

went out to the mall with my girlfriend. At first, it was only the teenage girls looking at

her wrong. Finally, an older couple walked by and said loudly, ?What white girl isn?t

good enough for him?? I got so upset, that I said, ?Maybe Hispanics girls just have a

bigger heart than you white h__?s!? They just kept on walking. My girlfriend broke out

into a rage of tears. I comforted her the best way I knew how. I told her that they were

just ignorant people, who can not see past the color of one?s skin.

As I recall all the many times that I have heard racial remarks, towards both

Hispanics and Anglo-Saxons, I realize that most remarks have been made by Hispanics. I

believe that Hispanics along with other minorities hold a grudge against anglos, because of

the horrible things they did to them years ago. Just like they now have no alternative but

to except us (Hispanics), we too should put our bad memories behind us.

Houston Texas


Houston Community College


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