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The Latin community in the area which I reside is weak. This is evident in the fact that less Hispanics are involved in community affairs than members of other ethnicity’s. It would be rather interesting to be able to know what goes into government policy making. The enthusiasm that I would put forth on this topic would be exemplary. The experience that qualifies me to partake in this institute is my involvement in SALSA (Spanish And Latino Student Association), as well as the fact that I am an aware, young, Hispanic male who sees what really goes on in the Latin community.

It would be quite educational to learn what occurs during the process of the making of government policies which greatly affect our community. Perhaps if more teenagers were given the opportunity to be educated on these matters the community could be bettered. This would improve the community by enriching the lives of youths and pointing them in a direction to work for the people, not against them.

The work as well as effort that would be put forth by me would have to be exemplary. This is so because one of my goals in life is to better myself so that I may in turn better my community, especially the Hispanic community. This is an opportunity that I have been waiting for to arise. This is my chance to make a difference.

The experiences that qualify me to take part in this institute’s affairs are that I am an active member in the SALSA group, as well as the fact that I am a young, Hispanic male who sees how the Hispanic community works. My involvement in the SALSA club has given me a way to reach out to the Hispanic students in my school, in hopes that if I can inform these young individuals about how to better the community, as well as teach them a sense of self pride in themselves. Then hopefully when they go out into their towns they will also try to make a difference. The Hispanic community where I live is very UN-unified. This upsets me greatly because we as a people need to be involved and unified so that we may better ourselves as well as the future generations who will only learn from example of what we do right now.

The Hispanic community is rather weak now. However this does not have to be so in the future. We, the Hispanics as a whole, must rise up and join our brethren to better ourselves.

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