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Asking for someone to draw, paint or sculpt you is not as easy as it seems to be. Because there should be “trust “ between you and the artist because when you look in a portrait it must clearly show significance of the art to the real person. That is the very essence of portraits, it must communicate with the viewer what kind of a person you are. And I think that is why artist wants to do there own portrait for no one knows who you really are but yourself. For artist, it’s not hard for they are talented and some are gifted, but for us it’s a difficult task for almost everyone wants his or her portrait to be as perfect almost like a masterpiece. And for the not so lucky including myself the easiest way is to find someone who you can trust, an artist good enough to really show the real you.

So for me if given the chance to choose, the artist that I will give my trust to do my portrait is “LEONARDO DA VINCI”. For I never see someone draw so realistic and so powerful that one can really communicate with his arts. One thing that I like about Leonardo is his portraits which also helps me in picking him to do my portrait, for almost all of his portraits leave an impression that really last. One can really be left perplexed and just so amazed by the way he put emotions in his paintings. The way he portrays faces, sometimes intent, sometimes smiling, gazes filled with shyness or powerful emotions. His ability to mixed his scientific knowledge to his works. His consistency in analyzing emotions and attitudes in faces, limbs and the body.

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