Leave Me Be


Leave Me Be Essay, Research Paper

Go to school Monday through Friday and make sure you do all your homework perfectly without mistakes; talk to the teachers with a smile and never let them see the degenerate punk you are; go to church and pray to God, but never pray to other peoples God’s for they are evil; but how do you know your God is the right God and how do you know that the God isn’t angry with you for condemning other people’s God?; Maybe everybody’s God is the same, but you are to close minded to see that; go to work like a real man so I don’t have to support you; earn honest money, but only buy what I tell you to buy; buy new clothes, but don’t buy anything that may embarrass me or yourself; get your hair cut, but don’t bleach it or die it because if you come home looking like the degenerate punk that you really are I will beat you; take a college admissions test and make sure you score high so that you can go to a good school and I can tell my friends how proud I am of you; go to college so you can be rich and famous and ignore the shallow feeling it gives you; bottle up your true dreams and seal away your ambitions to become a lawyer or a doctor, money will buy back the happiness you lost; only listen to music that is on the radio so that people don’t think you have a difference of opinion; I guess having a mind of my own is less important than being popular or “respectable”; go sign up for the football team and become a jock; don’t even think about picking up that skateboard, after all, skateboarding is not a real sport like football; sit around and complain about the snow in the winter like everyone else and don’t you dare pray for snow so that you can strap on that god dam snowboard; stop hanging around those scrawny misfits you call friends and become friends with the popular kids who play real sports, follow their lead; should I follow them to their social gatherings so that I can become an alcoholic drug addict?; should I follow their lead when they flunk out of school or when they tear down the unpopular kids to boost their own self esteem?; always respect your elders and feel ashamed when they point out that you are degenerate punk; never raise your fist at me; never show your emotions in the company of men; always eat red meat and don’t ever become a weakly vegetarian; always do as I say and follow my examples; don’t ever get in trouble; don’t ever raise your voice to me; always stand up for yourself and be a “man” at all cost; date lots of beautiful and popular girls; don’t ever go out with that trash you meet at concerts or at the skate park and if you bring home one of those skanky girls who die their hair inhuman colors I will throw her out of my house; always listen to the lessons and morals I teach you like, don’t ever judge a book by its cover; stop singing those retched punk rock love songs; stop asking to pierce your body and stop asking for a tattoo; be normal for god sakes, just be normal like everyone else!

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