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I never know the nature of which the casual smile hides Whether it be of unforsaken wickedness or lathered with goodnessDo we smile when we kill? I guess there are choices in interpretation:Optimistic or pessimistic, routes to which we can explore the apocrypha expressionsThis nature morphs with time spend together or at distanceThe fleshy gestures change and the explanation of which becomes a bothersome tribulationWith each day, with each thought, the meaning is refashioned So many vicissitudes, And so many lost devotions

So many smiles lost with timeI am sick of the entity of surprise and the shear predictability of life;The innumerable advances and recessions Ending in a vastly unmolested excuse for the things previously lostAlas the garments of which we dress our faceWhat s one feeling when the soft hand of death is easing them to oblivionGently urging them to darkness with a steadfast hand poised respectfully on their tired backI wonder what s real at allHave you ever seen a dying man smile?I have And it will be mePeter Smith

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