Abandoned Child


Abandoned Child Essay, Research Paper

Abandoned Child

Abandoned at birth, Michael had a tough life growing up in the countryside.

Before he turned 5, he has lived in the adoption center with the other kids with similar background.

Contradicting to his faith, Michael has been adopted by a nice couple when he s five. During the years he spent with that nice couple, Michael was able to attend a prestigious school and learned a lot about the world.

Extremely well treated, Michael felt really lucky but there s always an unanswered question deep inside his heart: Who are my birth parents?

For several months, he tried to post notes in the newspaper behind his parents in search for his birth parents and yet no response has been received.

Greatly disappointed, Michael thought there s no hope in finding his birth parents.

How could he stop thinking about this anyways, they are his birth parents no matter what. In despair, Michael prayed to the stars during one night, he asked the stars to bring him to his parents so he could at least meet them once.

Just after his pray, while he s sleeping, Michael had this dream of how his birth parents flew down from the moon to tell him about his family.

Kindled by the idea, he dreamed that his parents told him he s actually born on Xekos, a planet in the solar system that no longer existed because it exploded and Michael was sent to earth in a spacecraft right before the explosion.

Landing in a small village, Michael s spacecraft has been melted from entering the atmosphere, all that left that time was him and the basket that he s sleeping in.

Michael woke up after dreaming about his parents.

New to this history in his dream, Michael wouldn t believe it at first, but something proved it to him.

Over by his pillow, in his dream, his parents left a golden crystal that is supposed to bring out the superpower inside him.

Partially believing his dream, Michael reached the pillow to check for the crystal and to his surprise, he found the golden crystal described in his dream.

Questioning himself, Michael decided to believe his dream and test out his ability with the help of the crystal.

Right now, Michael s mind is filled with excitement and surprises, he couldn t believe that him, an abandoned child, could possess superpowers like what he saw on TV. Scarce in self-confidence, Michael jumped down from the top of the roof and tried to fly .

The first attempt in trying to use his super-power has worked, before he could realize, he was flying all over the sky; a wonderful feeling filled his mind.

Unlimited by gravity and human powers, Michael realized that he is officially a superman, one that is able to save the world using his super powers.

Valediction was given to his parents that raised him, he thanked them for all he s done for him, and told them that he wishes to do something good with his power.

Wishing them a joyful life, Michael has left and flew to the city, where his powers are more useful.

Xekos has a really high gravity, so Xekosians are able to fly under the earth gravity, which seems like nothing to them and they are also able to see what the human eye couldn t, sort of like X-Ray vision.

Years and years after, Michael has helped the people in the city by fighting crimes and saving lives.

Zest would be a good word to describe Michael s adventures in the city, although dangerous, still exciting.

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