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Having a car accident may soundnormal in most people lives; however, this particular event was not as normal for my life. This car accident was a remarkable lesson for me because it changed me a great deal. It changed my personality, behavior, and philosophy. In addition, I came to realize later what I did make a lot of people, especially, my parents upset and disappointed in me. Nevertheless, it was the incident that improved my way of living. I became a better and more understanding boy. As a result, I would like to share my experiences with everyone, especially teenager, because I hope it can somehow teach friends and relatives a lesson later on.

When I was fifteen, I was a naughty boy. I could say that I cared more about my friend more than my own family. Whatever my friends said, I would agree with them. I was stupid and foolish. Late one night, my friends gave me a several calls. They wanted me to go and join them at a party in one of our friend house. I really wanted to go, but because of the bad timing, it was too late to ask my father for a permission. I foolishly dicided to go without asking. My father gave me a sport car for my fifteenth birthday persent, but he did not allow me to drive it until he said so. I was bad enough to drive that car out without worrying about anything even though my father had always said, don’t ever let anyone drive your car, and wherever you go, you must tell me ” I got the key and drove the car out at two in the morning. The trip went fine although I did not have strong driving skills. I was a beginner. I met my friends, and everyone was happy to see me. Everything seemed fine.

Before the party ended, two of my friends asked if they could drive my car. Without thinking of my father words, I carelessly gave them the permission, but I also said I better be inside the car as well. We all went for a ride. When out first friend drove, nothing went wrong. Surprisingly, I enjoyed his dirving. However, my happiness did not last long when our second friend drove. Even though he was very mature at driving, unluckily, a highspeed car with a drunk driver came across to our lane and hit the front of my car.

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