The Working Class


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The working class, the lowest of the hierarchy, was also referred to as the underclass. Such people were forced to lead lives of hard work that were controlled by the industry and markets. This was the only class gained few benefits from the changes the Industrial Revolution.

The working class was the largest group of people. It included native English as well as foreigners. These people lived predominantly in urban centers close to their jobs. Most working class families lived with limited necessities. Most of these workers were dependent upon the owner of the company that they worked for. Most of the wives of these men did not have the advantage to stay at home and be homemakers. Instead, they had to work so they could help collect money for the family.

Some of those from this class attempted to fit the Victorian family pattern by joining churches and volunteer organizations. However, this was rare; usually they did not participate in charity work or in church. Often, they were instead the cause of the charity work. To members of this class, their activities such as dances and saloons were more desirable than church and volunteer activities that the gentry and middle class participated in.

Joe, from Great Expectations is a perfect example of a working class member. This is because he spends his life working as a black smith. His life is based around his profession. He also doesn’t have enough money to live luxuriously. Due to this, the rest of the society considers him a member of the lowest class, the working class.

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