My working day


My working day

I will try to describe my daily actions or the things that I do, more or less, every day. I mean the things I regularly did when I was at lyceum. There was little variation in my life then, all days expect weekends looked very much the same.

I usually started my day with getting up and doing all things that everybody does in the morning: washing, having breakfast, etc. Then I put my learning tools: pencils, exercise books, textbooks to my bag. Then I usually went to the lyceum. Fortunately, father takes a car every morning and he often picks me up and drives me to the doors of our lyceum building.

Soon the lectures and lessons began... We had from 2 to 4 lectures every time, depending on day.

After the lessons, I usually returned home where I had dinner and started thinking about my ways of spending the rest of the day. Very often, I went to my friend’s places. During the early autumn and summer, I often went to the sports ground. I also like visiting different sports events, for example, football matches of «Shahter» in Ukrainian championship. So, the world was full of enjoyable things to do.

On returning home I usually started to do my homework (perhaps, it is the most dull part of the day). Having finished it, I opened a book and read it or watched TV. At last, I went to the bed.

Of course, I would like to tell you more about myself and my working day, but, unfortunately, my time is rather limited and I have to do a lot of exercises. Generally, now you know about my working day enough.

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