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Working out

A person s body is a remarkable thing. It conditions itself to suit its environment. A farmer who hauls hay in a field has a strong, lean body build. A person who sits and eats all day has a more relaxed and lazy body build. A body becomes complacent with the amount of exertion it is forced to undergo. Increasing this exertion does many things for the body. Working out can help a person gain strength, lose weight, and improve their confidence.

Lifting weights and a cardio workout increases the body s strength. When a person lifts weight, he or she exerts strain on his or her muscles. These muscles are damaged from the work and need to heal. While healing, the muscles grow new tissue and fibers, thus enlarging the body s muscle mass. The new fibers and tissues are stronger and more resilient than the older fibers and tissues. Cardio workouts put a steady amount of stress on the entire body, particularly the heart and lungs. With this stress, the lungs become conditioned and take in more oxygen. The heart increases its pace and blood flow. Since the heart is another muscle, it gains in size due to the new fibers and tissues. These new and old tissues work together, giving the body more force to act against an object. The heart forces blood more efficiently. Other muscle groups force larger objects in motion than they did before. People perceive this increased force as an increased in one s strength.

Every person has a daily need of calories, based on their metabolism and on the labor their body inures. Larger amounts of lean muscle mass help increase the body s metabolism. The increased physical exertion on the body burns more calories than a body that does not regularly work out. Putting these two basic statements together with a consistent diet, a person will lose weight. While working out, a person s daily exertion has been increased, thus a need for more calories. The body s increased metabolism burns fuel more efficiently when paired with a cardio workout and increased lean muscle mass. When the body still receives the same amount of fuel or calories but needs a larger amount due to metabolism and daily exertion, the body loses weight. The body keeps losing weight until the daily intake of calories matches what the body needs to maintain its current weight.

It has been said that to master one s world, one must master one s body. People feel better about themselves when they are physically stronger. People generally find themselves more attractive after they have lost some weight. As a person becomes physically stronger and more attractive in their eyes, a person feels he can accomplish more. The person develops a drive to get more out of their life. This drive becomes a kind of confidence. When the person has controlled his body, he feels he can start changing things around him. His self-confidence is improved. He is surer of himself. This person has improved his confidence from working out.

Weather it is a volunteered program or a mandated order, working out helps a person s body and spirit. Experience demonstrates how the body increases strength. Working out makes one s muscles stronger. It steps up the body s metabolism and burns calories. A person s confidence builds up when they see and improvement in their physical being. All of these effects prove one thing. Working out can help a person gain strength, lose weight, and improve their confidence.

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