The Loss Of Innocence


The Loss Of Innocence Essay, Research Paper

Innocence is such a precious gift. For those who do not know what exactly innocence is, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines innocence as, ?freedom from guilt or sin through being unacquainted with evil.? When do humans in general have little or no guilt and worries? In the days of our youth, everything is much simpler. Remember never going to work, paying bills, supporting a family, and doing all the other things that is expected from an adult? All children worry about is having a good time. Children take almost nothing seriously. They can care less about women, popularity, money, or the future. Some people however, feel that innocence is the worst time of anyone?s life. This brings up the question whether or not innocence is important in life or not.

Although it seems as if decisions and events made during a person?s childhood are totally irrelevant towards the rest of his/her life, these factors make a tremendous impact on the type of adult a person becomes. For example, it is commonly known that most children who had abusive parents have grown up to be just the same. If a child had very loving and caring parents, chances are the child will grow to be very loving towards his/her children. A child doesn?t know any better during the stage of innocence and is unable to reasonably distinguish the differences between right and wrong. The child who abuses his kids as an adult was brought up that way himself. In his own mind, he feels this is the right way to discipline his children. This shows that innocence does play an important part in everyone?s life.

Just imagine never having to worry about anything, having a guilt free mind, and being able to do just about anything that can not be done as adults. Holden Caufeild from the book The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger, wishes innocence was never lost. To Holden, the perfect example of innocence is his little sister Phoebe. Phoebe has absolutely no hatred towards anyone or anything, as well as no worries. Holden wants to save this kind of innocence from being lost in the transition from childhood to adulthood. What would the world be like if innocence were never lost?

One way it would benefit humanity is the lack of hatred among the world. During youth, their may be an occasional argument of some sort, maybe even a little physical fight, but nothing like firing a handgun at a fellow human being. Children are blind towards the race and ethnicity of others. A kid will hang out with another kid no matter what, it is the lack of innocence and the ignorance we learn from adults that manipulate children otherwise. Think of all the things that the human race can achieve if we all put our minds together.

Another way keeping innocence alive would benefit humanity is the constant craving for fun and adventure. As adults, people have very little if any time at all do things that they enjoy. The adventurous mind is lost in time with the responsibilities that are bestowed upon adults. Once again, if innocence were kept alive, these ambitions would never depart from our lives. As adult?s people also have more freedom to go places and to do certain things, making it easier to do the things, which they wanted to but could not do during childhood. Who wouldn?t want to live in a world were having fun was always the main priority of life?

Some people actually despise the idea of innocence lasting for all eternity. They do believe that innocence is probably the greatest time of anyone?s life. They do however, feel that the lack of organization and mental capacity of those without innocence would have a tremendously devastating impact on society in general.

With the ongoing life of innocence, a large portion of individuals would never have the urge to learn, work, and act upon the necessary needs for humanity to survive. Without a proper education which is usually provided by those who no longer live in a world of innocence, people would not have the mental abilities to get a good job in life, thus providing little income for families and hurting the lives of children. The lack of a good education and career would also harm the economy. Society would than take on a state much like communism. With the lack of hatred and worries people have as children, People would feel that work is simply something they need to do to raise money. As long as innocence is kept alive, no one would be terribly angered at the lack of effort people put out in the workplace, resulting in a strong decline in production and quality of needed goods.

Maybe Hodlen Caufeild was wrong in wanting to save innocence. It sure is a nice thought though. Perhaps innocence was meant to be lost. There are certain things in life that probably should not be toyed around with. It was god?s will to make things the way they are, and I am sure god has a good purpose for everything. All that remains to be said about innocence is to enjoy it while it lasts. It certainly is the happiest time of anyone?s life.


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