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What is being human? It is that part of us that takes no doing or having to exist (Steingold). We are all alike and here for the same reason, to be sharing the world with the world. Life is a game. A game we all agreed to play. When did we agree to play this game? I m not sure, and no one is. But all I know is that we all agreed to play together, with each other as partners and not as enemies in a fight or a race to get to somewhere first. By seeing each other, we are seeing ourselves. When we see everything as one and the same, we see that we are all part of a whole that is really each and everyone of us. Just like I m part of my personal family, we re all part of the family of the world. The same blood runs through our veins…the human blood. Our ethnocentricity, our judgements, our choice of religion, our need to communicate does not reflect our differences, but are what make us all more alike than unalike.

As human beings, we always put ourselves in the center of all things, no matter the situation. Sometimes we find it hard to get to sleep at night, and we often complain about it, but we don t think of the homeless family who has no bed to lie in. When we lose hope over a relationship gone bad, we re not thinking of the person who has never known what s like to love and be loved in return. Some days we grin our teeth, just because we had to work on a couple of weekends; we should think of the woman who works 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, for $100 to feed her family. All human being is egocentric, even if they say they re not. We should all accept ourselves just the way we are, and recognize that we all make mistakes, which is not a bad thing, because that s exactly what makes us more human.

Human beings by nature have opinions about something or someone else, and these opinions are not always positive. How many times have we judged or being judged by our way of speaking, our clothes, and all of our imperfections. For example, when the child of a drug addict couple is born, we see a thief, a killer, a

prostitute, or a rapist. But we don t see either love or hope. We inmediately are judging the poor little creature, just because his procreators are not perfect

considering the mistakes they ve made. Each and everyone of us is judgemental, and that makes us more alike each day.

We all have a god we pray to everyday and night. It doesn t matter if this god of ours is an animal, a spirit, or a force of nature. Many of us believe in Jesuschrist, others pray to cows as their omnipotent god, and some believe in Karma, what you give is what get in return. Whatever religion we ve chosen and been devoted to doesn t makes us any different from the rest of the world. All the human beings have the tendency of believing in something or someone superior than oneself; that allows us to feel protected and loved.

And last, but not least. All human being needs to give and interchange thoughts and information, and we need to be heard. We don t like the idea of being alone in this world, so, company is pretty escencial in our lives. All of us need to communicate and to share the world with others. We all need friends to be always there for us, a shoulder to cry on, someone we can share our happy moments with, and a special person we can love and be loved in return.

We re all alike, but at the same time different in a special and unique kind of way, and that is good, because if we were all ALIKE, what would be the purpose of us being here in the first place. But the fact that we choose to love; choose to care; choose to give of ourselves; choose whatever it is that keeps us going; choose to put behind what it is that we feel, not what we think; is exactly what makes us more alike than unalike.

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