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Our land our bodies and our cows are all effected by the meet


Our land and water is getting polluted from animal waste. Our bodies are

getting sick from germs in meat, and the cows are being tortured and are


Waste from livestock in the United States amounts to130 times the

waste produced by people. In Central California 1,600 dairies produced


waste than a city of 21 million people that?s 5 tons for every person on this

earth, and their is not enough surrounding land to absorb it all. Every time it

rains phosphorous and nitrogen seep into our water ways causing algae and

fungus to spread. One type of algae has ability to ambush its pray by


it with a disorienting toxin before sucking it?s skin off. this one celled

creature is known for killing a billion fish within North Carolina

in 1995. People who came in connection with this cell often experienced

memory loss and got sores on their skin. In 1982 their were 22 known


of harmful dinoflagellates in 1997 their were over 60.

In the United States farm animals received 30 times the antibiotics

than people did? not to treat infection but to make the animal grow faster on

less feed. some physicians are finding human diseases difficult to treat each

year 60?000 Americans die because their medications didn?t work. Every

year on average 9,000 people die from something they ate. One hamburger

can contain the meat of 100 different cows from 4 different countries. One

infected animal can contaminate 16 tons of beef. In 1995 the annual health

care cost from meat centered diets are between 23.6 and 61.4 billion. A diet

of mostly fruits, vegetables and cereals reduces 40 percent of cancers and in

1996 Americans Cancer Society released similar guidelines including

recommending not to have red meat in your diet. Salmonella originated in

European cows in the late 80s. From cows it spread to other livestock then


pets and wild animals and eventually to people. The one effective cure is the

antibiotic fluoroquinolones but even it is loosing it?s effectiveness. Soon the

only way to stop the sickness will be to outlaw factory farms and the

administering antibiotics to farm animals.

Modern cows of today lives her whole live with a swelled and


udder, it is likely never to be allowed out of her stall it is milked up to three

times a day and is kept pregnant nearly all of her short life. A cows life in

today milk factory is bred, fed, medicated, inseminated and manipulated for

one reason maximum milk at minimum cost. Her young are usually taken

from her almost immediately after birth the female calf is raised to be a


cow and the male calf is either immediately slaughter or it is taken to a veal

factory. At the veal factory they will chain him up by his neck so he can not

turn around his entire life. They feed them a special diet without iron or

roughage. They inject him with antibiotics and hormones to keep him alive


to help him grow. they will keep him in darkness except for feeding time.

The result is a nearly full grown animal with very tender white flesh. The

good part about this is veal is still getting premium price it always did when


came from a baby calf but now their is just a lot more of it. Half of every

butchered cow and one third of every butchered pig becomes a material of

waste in addition 920 million animals die before reaching slaughter. With


the left over and dead animals they export lips to Mexico for taco filling and

horns are made into gelatin other parts are used for drugs, aphrodisiacs and

cosmetics. The rest is minced, pulverized and boiled down for more


All this happens just so we can eat meat. If everyone had a vegetarian

diet and no food was wasted, current food productions would theoretically

feed 10 billion people more than the population for the year 2050.


to the Population References Bureau. Even today 840 million people are

malnourished and nearly 50,000 die from starvation every day.

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