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There are two things that make up a human: god and animals. Humans alone have morality, ability to know the principles of right and wrong behavior, and ethical judgment. Alexander Pope, Shakespeare, and Gilgamesh, these people and books, use concepts of human beings are: morality, divinity, and integrity. In today s world it is shown that humans are very easily divinity and animal.

Concerns and perspective status of a person and behavior is what leads humans through life. One of these is which perseverance gives determination of a strong-minded person. A person leads himself with his or her own good moral conduct. We are different than animals in a way, that we can see happiness, while most animals can t. Economy is what lets you manage your household and private affairs. Prudence is the ability to govern and discipline oneself. Courage holds your mind and soul together throughout thick and thin. Human also have another trait, Self-consciousness. Where we are aware of our bodies, and the control of movement, unlike animals. We see ourselves in daily life, and an animal would not, not even in a mirror. These are basic morals or ideals we humans live by today, in our mind and domains.

Gilgamesh believes that humans equal god plus animal. The divine plus the beast makes up a person. Another point that is mention on pg 49, is that man should be able to see his own death. Humans are the only animals aware that they are going to die, and what might possibly happen. Essay on Man, Alexander Pope, says that a man doubts everything. Humans can see the good and bad in things, while an animal just wonders what it is. The Human s mind and body both prefer different things. The mind could say you re too fat, and yet the body is hungry. Animals just eat whether they are hungry or not, in the wild they could careless about anything else. Human condition is brought up here, where humans have to do more than just reproduction. Gods they control life, and learn, and as part of such, Humans must too. Humans now a days, go to school and college to learn. Shakespeare, in Hamlet, believes that humans move like angels. The mind of a human should be of the god s type. We have knowledge, technology, and man made things waiting and built from us. That humans are like animals. We all came from the ground and we lay into the ground (ashes to ash, and dust to dust.), the quintessence of dust.

Humans have structure their lives by morality and most of it is not by that ideal. We all help another in the time of need. Animals are aware of another in pain, but cannot help; they might eat the one in pain. In art, we can look at a stupid shape or circle, and see beauty of all kinds. Humans make tings for no real apparent reason of divinity. Animals walk everywhere just showing their bodies, and humans have the idea of clothing themselves for reasons unknown. We are animals, but the divinity (god) does not let us. Humans have Medical care, glasses, contacts, make up, drugs; animals have no such things. Animals die because of the down side, but the divinity we have does not let humans go to pieces for a little problem. Humans have the ability of time! Animals could care less. They wake up, start the day, and go to sleep when the sun is going down. Humans do not like that, the god side of them has to extend itself past that, and stay up longer, live longer, and be stronger.

In conclusion, humans have an urge to extend themselves past the animals to a hirer rank of human. Humans have the same body characteristics as animals; hair, bones, blood, skin, and faces structure. We have the urge of reproduction, sleep, food, and sense, but divinity has taken it hirer. Gods have time, minds, knowledge, technology, brains, and style. Humans have that too on the inside, but they also have the animals on the outside. So in general, we are stuck in the middle of divinity and creature.

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