The Eternal Flame


The Eternal Flame Essay, Research Paper


Allegoric Claim.Being a poet and songwriter, when I write using a

symbol it usually has an allegoric meaning, in fact, every single object I use

in either my lyrics or my poetry has a secondary meaning.? In all the songs I have wrote, I have

explained in my own notes the exact meaning of the symbol, and this is

necessary because some symbols have more than one meaning for me.? One of the most symbolic object I use is the

‘Eternal Flame’.? In the following page,

I will describe to you what my perception, indeed, my understanding of exactly

what the ‘Eternal Flame’ is.I first come across the concept of the ‘Eternal

Flame’ from a song, appropriately called ‘Eternal Flame’ by the Bangles.? In the song they use the ‘Eternal Flame’ as

an allegory, and I thought what is an ‘Eternal Flame’, and in reality can it

actually exist.? These are two questions

that I set about answering for myself.? I done numerous experiments to actually see what an

‘Eternal Flame’ looked like, but of course, the flames of matches and candles

burnt out.? You may ask why do

experiments, I had to do the experiments to prove that no flame in reality is

eternal, that was until I thought about it.?

There was one flame I knew that had never gone out since I knew it, and

I know it may sound stupid, but that flame was the flame in my house’s boiler

system.? The heart of the house.? I thought about this, and I imagined the

house as a person and thought what is the flame?? Is the flame the heart, or the brain, or the lungs of the human

being?? I arrived at the answer to that

question, the answer being none of them.?

Then I thought about a letter from my Best Friend, Ash, it had a list of

the fundamentals of life, and the answer was there, as was the infrastructure

of my whole philosophy, the ‘Eternal Flame’ is Faith.? When I say Faith, I mean everlasting faith in terms of the

‘Eternal Flame’.? And Faith is fuelled

by Happiness and Unity.Of course, you might not agree with my

interpretation of the ‘Eternal Flame’, but hey, this is my piece of paper.After coming to that conclusion, that the ‘Eternal

Flame’ was Faith, I compared the two, the ‘Eternal Flame’ can never go out

otherwise it cannot be eternal, and Faith can never disappear because it is not

physical, both can dim or be subdued, but neither can disappear.Now you know the general meaning of the phrase

‘Eternal Flame’ when I use it, but it always has to be taken in context, I

could be talking about the Faith in Allah to your Faith in Love.I will take two examples of lyrics of mine,Extract One’I want you always and forever, (name) let us be together, Like an eternal flame, let’s ignite, And in the darkest of all the nights, We will stay forever so, so bright, We’ll make the sun look like, The darkest night’???????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????? (Extract

from: ‘When I See- The Princess of Dreams’)Extract Two’The flame that burns is so bright, It puts up against a wind, In a duel, In a fight, And as it wins, it burns all night, Showing its glorious might,Now let you be the flame, The flame that never goes out, The eternal flame, try it out’ ??????????????????????????????????????????????? (Extract

from: ‘DN’ part of Smile)Extract One uses the ‘Flame’ as an allegory for

Love, Faith in Love however many critics of my lyrics say it is an allegory for

Eroticism.? See, there are two opinions

of what the ‘Eternal Flame’ is, both have their roots.? My interpretation of this is; Have more

faith in love, let’s make start a relationship of Love (ignite), and even when

things aren’t going right in this world (darkest… nights), we will be happy

because we have Faith in Love and we will be together (bright), we will be the

best (sun like night).? My critics, and

there are many of them, say that in this section I use the ‘Flame’ for

Eroticism, basically sex.? Let us have

sex (ignite) and when we are in intercourse, that usually happens at night

(darkest night),? it will be the best

feeling (bright), and life will come out for both of us (sun night).? Of course my interpretation is much more

detailed than it is here, but I am sure you understand my point that the

‘Eternal Flame’ changes in meaning with the context.Extract Two uses the ‘Flame’ in the pure sense of

the meaning, Faith.? Faith is tested by

things, people (which I would say is rain because each rain drop would stand

for a person although I didn’t use this in these lyrics) and events (the wind)

and Faith has to fight these tests face on, through thick and thin, through the

hardships we face, indeed, as I have faced in this year with my family, and

eventually, you will come through and be the best and able to show your

colours, able to progress in this world.?

The ‘Eternal Flame’ here means that you mustn’t give up at any cost no

matter what the odds, just keep plugging away and you will get your just


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