Super Sunday Or Not


Super Sunday Or Not? Essay, Research Paper

Dick Enberg of NBC sports once said, “The Super Bowl has come to represent the sport pinnacle of modern society, the place which young men reach for footballs and sometimes catch a piece of immorality on the way.” For a full 12 months a year, 30 teams of the NFL practice all for one day in January. Every phase of every team operation is focused on a single goal “the world championship of professional football”. Over 1800 men have participated in this special day. Jeff Kaye of NFL films said, “This game has become America’s biggest one day sporting event. One play follows a player the rest of his life.”

On Super Bowl Sunday you will experience distinctive mood experienced by virtually everyone. You will see football games in the park. This link brings players together young and old. The most fashionable way of sharing this special day is with a Super Bowl bash. This social gathering not only offers good food but a bond for fellow team enthusiast. Trendy foods include Chips n’ dip, pizza, buffalo wings, sub sandwiches, and any other easy prepared meals. Other popular craze at super bowl parties is betting pools. Betting pools are a group of individuals bet on a certain amount of points at different times in the contest.

ABC Over 130,745,000 Americans eyes were glued to Super Bowl 34 which made it the 5th most watched event in US history. Ahead of the final episode of M.A.S.H. and The 1994 Olympic Woman figure skating finals. ABC was well prepared for this event by selling 30 second commercial time slots for around $2.5 million dollars. There was every major corporation represented by a catchy slogan, from Pizza Hut to Ford Motor Company.

Super Bowl 34 was special not only for its down to the wire game but the first time the Federal government has advertised their Census Bureau. The director of the Census Bureau said “ we had to go for it, this is an opportunity to reach a very large audience, and we got maximum audience awareness.” Another twist to the millennium was that 17 of the 36 marketers were from the Internet world. The commercials are now almost as big as the game itself.

On January 28, 2001 super bowl 35 will be hosted in Tampa bay, Florida, when the clock strikes 3:00p.m. and the contest commences you know American friends, and family will be joined together watching ABC. Unfortunately there is a black cloud on this great day. Super bowl Sunday is regretfully the most dangerous day for women. Dobisky Associates warned at-risk women: “Don’t remain at home with him during the game.” It was said that some 40 percent of women are at risk of domestic battering cases. Robert Lipsyte of the New York Times would soon be referring to the Super Bowl as the”Abuse Bowl.” Why must we turn such a great day into horror for women? Men, we need to think about what the Super Bowl really is. Yes, it’s the biggest day of sports in America, but it’s also a game. The woman in your life has nothing to do with the result of the competition. Keep this in mind and remember don’t make the best day for guys the most awful day for women.

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