Pilot’s Wife, By Anita Shreve Essay, Research Paper

In the past years, one of my favorite books was The Pilot’s Wife, by Anita Shreve. It has action, suspension, and mystery. It has my vote for a great book for two reasons. First, it has the type of mystery

that is combined with suspension. Second, the author writes with an interesting style that always has a surprise around the corner.

The way that she writes the mystery and suspense is intriguing and nice to read. First, the reading has a smooth flow with the mystery and suspense. For example, when the mystery starts to happen the suspense follows just after with out abruptly stopping to go back and have afterthoughts to reveal the clues for the mystery and the suspense. Second, the reading is easy on the brain and doesn’t confuse the reader with suspense that doesn’t make sense. For instance, when the person goes to a suspenseful spot that reader gets to go right through the reading without having to stop and make sense of what he/she is reading. In Conclusion The addition of a mixed suspense and mystery adds a smooth flow to the reading of the book.

When she writes you can barely go with out a new surprise, as soon as she is done writing about the surprise before she throws another one at you. First, when she gets done throwing a new surprise at you she’ll have little after shock then it leads up to another surprise. For example, when Kathryn goes to London she finds out that jack was married to another woman when she leaves her house she is still in shock that she didn’t know jack as well as she thought. She goes home after going to a bar and takes a bath. In the morning she has breakfast with Robert and Marie (Jack’s second wife) comes in and tells them that Jack worked as a courier that carried money from Boston to London every time he flew. She also tells them that he had to carry something back the other direction and it was a bomb meant to discredit the IRA. Second, when Shreve writes she can go into great detail with the surprises. For instance, when Kathryn walks into a pub, Shreve writes about every little detail. Shreve writes about what everyone talks about, what happens, and what the surroundings are. In conclusion, Shreve writes with great detail and never lets the story get dull with her surprises.

In conclusion, Anita Shreve has a very interesting writing style one of which people will like for two reasons. First her type of style that has mystery and suspense all in one. Second, her style has great detail and almost never get dull. Thank you for you time and have a good day.

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