Jack’s Nature Before The Island Essay, Research Paper

Jack let the last note of the song he was singing ring through the air. The D was way to

flat, he thought to himself. It must be perfect! I can accept no less! He started the song

over again. The last note remained flat. His face began to darken in color. He tried again.

The results were no difference. He began to feel his temper try to take over. Calm

yourself, he spoke silently to his mind. Don?t let them see your frustration. Stay true to

your British nature. Be cool, calm, collected. So he tried again, never settling for anything

less than perfection.

That night at dinner, Jack?s mom served the usual green leafy meal she always

did. Jack had been a vegetarian his whole life. Not by his own choice, but his mothers.

When at a friend?s house the night before he starred longingly at the juicy beef before

him. How he wanted to sink his teeth into that meat. He held in this urge the best he

could. Never let them see you weak. That was his motto.

Jack sat by the crackling fire with his family. Tomorrow he would return to prep

school. His family was enjoying their last night with everyone together. Jack sat

in-between his brother Garret, and his sister Ellis. Jack struggled to keep quiet. His

parents always taught him to be seen and not heard. He noticed his siblings we?re doing

the same. His dad was telling his mother a story about work that day. He described the

loud, barbarian ways a foreigner had acted in the middle of an England road. Jack held his

anger when hearing this. This man was disgracing England! He should have been taught

better manners, Jack thought. He should have always strived for perfection. He should

have been raised a vegetarian. He should have learned to be seen and not heard. Jack

began tapping rapidly upon the floor. His mother frowned on him, but he couldn?t bring

himself to stop. Tap, tap, tap….

Jack left for prep school that morning. For a second he couldn?t find his chorus

book. A sudden rage overtook him as he began thrashing around madly throwing things

in all directions. He had to find that book. Suddenly aware and embarrassed by his

behavior, Jack ceased his tantrum. He took three small breathes and told him never to get

so worked up again. Calmly he looked around. He didn?t find his book that morning. He

bit back his tongue and kept all emotion out of view. Deep down he was upset at the

imperfection he now had of misplacing such an important book.

On the first day back to Jack?s school he calmly walked down the hall, gazing at

all the other boys dressed the same as him. Henry, A powerful member of the school

band smirked at Jack and he felt anger shoot through his veins. Band was the only group

above the chorus in the public?s eye. Henry could never let Jack forget such a thing, and

Jack hated him more than anything. For a second Jack considered smashing his

overblown head into the wall and watching his pain and agony from something he had

spawned. The thought almost made him smile. Then he quickly rid himself of such an

Idea. Never show emotion! Never show an imperfection! This is a bad start, he told

himself. A very bad start.


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