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Picture yourself in Orange County, California. As you walk on the gravel covered road, you spy a bright neon green Honda Prelude. When you take a close look, you will see all kinds of logos. Pokemon, Honda, Greddy, Mugen, Transformer, TriZone, Kamikaze, Weapon R, Neuspeed, Barely Street Legal, HKS, Xenon, DC Sports, Catz, Nakayama, Venom, Napolex, Tokico, Momo, Honda Sport, and Street Glow are all popular logos you can find anywhere. As you turn a cheek, the sun?s bright beam is reflecting off the shiny chrome wheels. Since it is hurting your eyes, you turn around; right in front of you is a sticker that says ?Greddy Racing Exhaust System?. As your eyes wonder downward, you see the 4.5-inch exhaust tip. You stand up and leave with a huge smile and say, ?That is going to be my car one day?.

Stickers are the main characters in import car shows. You can always get stickers of anything and about anything if your car is great, as any import car owner hopes it to be. To have millions of people admire your car as much as you do, your car will need to be unique by using manufacture logos. The manufacture owner then gives you their logos, turbo chargers, leather seats, exhaust systems, and so on. It is obvious that import cars are more for looks then speed.

Spoilers are the main item for dressing up the rear of the car. You can always keep the old-fashion manufacture spoiler that came with your car, but the spoiler that really makes heads turn are the custom made ones. Favorites among the custom spoilers are the samurai sword holder and the high wing. The high wing is made for looks and little for speed. The only true owners of the high wing spoilers are Toyota owners. Samurai sword holder spoilers are basically the same as three-piece spoilers. The three-piece spoilers are only for looks because they do not have the aerodynamic figure or slick designs. (Chang 44)

Every running car has to have an exhaust system. If you want a lot of speed, you would want a racing exhaust system. A racing exhaust system contains a racing header, a provision pipe with a custom tip. Mini draggers are another approach for looks, sound, and some speed. You can hear a mini dragger from miles away. My mommy always told me ?If you can?t say anything nice then don?t say it all?. Therefore, I?m not going to say anything bad about the manufacturer?s stock exhaust system. You will be able to find the sports exhaust system in the after market. The sports exhaust is the inexpensive exhaust; all because it is mainly for looks then speed. There are many choices available for the interest of the owner.

The most important accent to any import car is the body kit. The regular manufacture body is within a traditional framework. The manufacture style will catch some attention, however, with a custom, wide body, or shogun body kit will really set you apart. A custom body kit is the most expensive of the three, but it is really worth it. For example, you can have your name engraved in the body of the car. Half of the import car owners that I know have a custom or wide body kit on the car. The wide body gives the car a reassuring feeling. You feel like a big man driving a unique car. The shogun body kit is basically a vampire look. It makes other racers feel a little scared.

Color gives the car and its driver a personality. Dark metallic colors represent no fear, ready to go anytime. Bright metallic colors, on the other hand, shows signs of happiness and fun.

Lights really turn heads at night. If you have different taillights, you would most likely get the popular points from people. Custom taillights are very popular at import shows and highly priced. If you can?t afford custom taillights, all you would have would be stickers on your lights, which would look weird and cheap.

Rims are the wheels to success. The three main kinds of rims are racing designs, ADR designs, and alloy wheels. If you want good rims, you should go with racing designs. Racing designs are lightweight and durable with slick designs. ADR however are rims that are all for looks. ADR rims are heavy and very durable with slick designs. Alloy rims are mostly for speed. Since alloy is so light, they are not as durable. However, they consist of many slick designs.

To conclude this research paper, which cars are really indeed are for looks then speed. All of the examples I have given you are few of many things that make your car look better and possibly make your car slower then it really is.

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