Illness Essay, Research Paper


Ryan Thompson

4th Hour

Miss Howard

November 7, 1996

During times of illness there is certain things one cannot bring

themselves to do. Everyone has had one of these times. That time for me is

right now. As i have been diagnosed with bronchitis and tonsillitis it is very

difficult to concentrate on the computer screen when the medicine you take

makes you nauseous.

As I sit down to type up my homework my headache worsens. but yet

I continue on at my meagerly pace to finish the assignment as it has to be

turned in today no matter how sick I seem to be. Some may say this is

unfair. I see the rightness in it however. See if everyone just said they were

sick everytime they did not want to complete an assignment it would get out

of hand. People would just make up excuses not to come to school. That is

not right and the assignment is due on the day assigned. No ifs ands or buts.

Illness not only takes your concentration and does crazy things to it. It

also takes away your will to do the tasks on hand. you know your paper is

due, and that you must get it to school somehow, but yet you do not want to

do it and only want to curse the teacher that gave it to you.

Of course people will say that I could have written a good three page

essay in the time that it took me to scribble this down, but I believe this is

untrue. As this paper took no concentration and just my thoughts coming

down on paper. If a real essay would to come to me now that is what would

be on the paper. But as you see it is not a true essay.

Honesty is always the best answer right? Why that is what I think.

Actually Miss Howard this Paper was just something to get done with and get

a grade so that I may re-write when I am feeling more myself and can think

more efficiently.

Here we come to the end of my glorious essay and we can see the

affect of my illnesses. They take away my concentration and pull away from

me my will to do work of any sort. And as you look over this I regret taking

up your time to read this, but hope you at least get some entertainment out of

reading it, as it will be on your desk soon as I shower up to take my prize into

be graded.

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