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We Can Do It, Why Can’t They?

In the world now there are different kinds of partners: Black, White, Interracial, Straight, Gay, etc. But like many people, in the world, not everyone is accepted. Many people do not except Homosexuals for the reason that they are different from us. People would say that Homosexuals choose to live a “non normal” life. But they are people just like us. They have a heart just like we do, but they choose to put their heart towards their own sex. Society develops fears of homosexuality do to the belief that it disrupts the family, promotes pedophilia, child slavery, contributes to the moral decline of society and is a form of emotional illness (Grigg 85). This “homophobia” is a phenomenon of American culture (Cornett 140). It is my belief that society should learn to accept homosexuality and homosexual relationships.

The September 14, 1992, issue of Newsweek published a poll revealing that most Americans still regard homosexuality as unacceptable (Grigg 80). By the most reliable estimate, Homosexuals account for about two to three percent of the population (Grigg 85). Before European contact most Native American societies viewed Homosexuals as important members of their communities (Tafoya 86). Significant minorities of men and women, one to five percent, are attracted exclusively to members of their own sex (LeVay and Hamor 121).

Many gay people have responded to social pressures against homosexuality by “centering,” by discovering living according to their own values. An intense quest for identity, purpose and meaning often begins quite early, certainly by the time young homosexuals begin to appreciate the tremendous social pressures against them. Feelings of separateness have led some gay people to oppose the values and institutions of the dominant society. The point to recognize here isn’t merely the fact of alienation but the consciousness of it, a consciousness that can lead naturally to creative responses. The same process occurs among the members of other minority groups that must endure discrimination (Freedman 76-77). Among homosexuals, I believe, creative opposition has produced not only new social concepts but also an increased sensitivity to the value of the individual person in our society.

Since the 1960’s, quite a bit of progress has been made. There are few places nowadays in which people are forbidden to congregate. The Federal Civil Service has adopted a nondiscrimination policy. Forty-three cities and counties and one state (Wisconsin) have anti-discrimination statutes. The courts have ruled in a variety of context that homosexuality is not tantamount to bad moral character (Gold 84). But still, many believe that homosexuality is a danger to the human race because it means a decline in those masculine qualities essential for survival and that homosexual relationships are unstable because they lack the full dimension of having and raising children. But aside from the differences in sexual preference, homosexuals’ posses the same inner needs and drives as heterosexuals do.

Sexuality is an integral part of our God-given humanity. Society must devote more attention to sexuality in its child, adolescent, and adult educational programming. As we understand more about the nature and meaning of our sexuality we will learn how to respond more appropriately to persons of many different circumstances. Changes in societies beliefs regarding sexuality, will always be an ongoing process.

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