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The Civil War

The Civil War started when the North wanted to end slavery and the South wanted to stay.

The war had started. The North and South parts of the U.S.A were battleing at Fort Sumter. When the first shot sprang out everyone started to shoot because one of the men got shot. Each side didn’t care how much they used their guns because they had between 30 and 42 pds. of gun powder. The battle went on forever a lot of people died mostly black. More than half of the people died on each side .

Than finnally on April 14, 1861 the battle of Fort Sumter ended. Major Anderson had surrenderd. This was the battle of the century. Later they called this battle the Civil War.

” To think this battle was only about slavery.” said a man.It seemms more than slavery. A blonde woman says “It is more than slavery.”

To think this was all about slavery.

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