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The article I chose to write about is entitled ?The Lazy Guy?s Guide to Health?; it is foundin the October 1998 issue of Maxim Magazine. The magazine is promoted towards menand mainly covers issues dealing with men?s health. The whole point of the article is to


show men easy ways to lose weight. It lists eleven different things a man can do to lose weight and reduce the calories in his diet. All of the suggestions are quick and easy ways


to keep weight off.


The basic information in the article is good. The suggestions the author lists seemto be simple enough for most men. Even the though article has no flow it does get the point across about weight loss; if you work at it, every man can lose some weight. For


most men it?s nice to hear that they can stay fit without having to spend several hours a week in a gym. It does a great job explaining how to stay fit. The tips are things that mostmen can use wherever they live. The article has information that is very useful for men that lead a busy life. The most important thing this article does is tell men what they want tohear. Most men want to hear that weight loss is something that takes little time and effort.


Having appeal can be the most important part of an article from a common consumer?sstandpoint. The article will catch the eye of most male readers simply because of the article?s title. The author is not a good writer from an English instructor?s point of view,


but he does a great job of getting his point across.


I think the author should have been more informed about physical fitness. The way I was able to tell that he needed more knowledge about health was because he didn?t use


very many details when he talked about losing weight. The author never told you why aperson might have a weight problem, he simply told you how to lose the weight once you gained it. From a time standpoint; the article never states how long it might take for a man


to lose weight using these tips. Most people aren?t trained health professionals and they don?t really know how to diet correctly. I include myself when I say that most people don?t know the correct way to lose weight. The article claims that it applies to most men,


the author should have used some percentages to back up his point. Another thing the author never states is whether or not results will vary due to a man?s age. In my opinion the author should have used a story of a man who used these tips to lose weight. It would


have shown the reader that by using these tips a man can get the results he wants when itcomes to weight loss.


The article does not flow very well. Since the article is listing things it doesn?t havea rhythm. Its very hard for a paper to flow when it is a list of items. The author mainly uses quotes from doctors and universities rather than his own point of view. The structureof the article is rather poor. The author made no attempt to write this article in a way where it flowed. Instead of writing several paragraphs that flowed together and were cohesive, he wrote down far too many small paragraphs that just had no flow or rhythm. It seemed like the article was one large list that made no sense. I felt like the author didn?tput any time into writing a good article. It was evident that he spent quite a bit of time


doing research for his article; he just didn?t put that same effort into writing the article itself. You don?t have to know very much about health and fitness to know that this articleisn?t great advice on how to lose weight. At the same time I don?t claim to be a healthexpert, but I?ve tried to lose weight and I know that it is much tougher than this article makes it out to be.


The author of this article gets his point across, but the real problem is the way hegets it done. He has done some great research as far as weight loss; he just doesn?t put thearticle together in a way that made any sense. It was easy to follow, but at the same time it wasn?t put together in a logical way. I would say that the author had his facts straight and had some great things to tell the readers, but he just isn?t a very capable writer when it


comes to tying it together. I would say that the article has useful information if you?re trying to lose weight.

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