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Key Terms

Anchorman- The player who receives the last hand.

Bust- When the dealer gets a hand greater than 21.

House- The casino.

Saving the table- A situation where the anchorman sacrifices his/her own hand for the

benefit of the other players at the table.

Shoe- A device that hold 4 or more decks.

How would you like to win at blackjack? Keep reading if you are interested in gaining some valuable advice from a retired dealer, if not turn to the home gardening page. Blackjack is one of the most popular games played at the casino because it is a game where the player can have an edge over the house. Basically, the object of the game is to beat the dealer. Having a hand with a value higher than the dealer or having a legal hand while the dealer busts does this. The player must know some basic strategies and procedures in order to have an edge over the house. The process starts before entering the casino; however, the principal procedures are carried out while at the table. Some strategies and procedures include money management, picking the right table and counting cards.

Money management is as important as playing strategies. This process starts at home and finishes when the night is over. Firstly, a player should determine how much money to bring to the casino. A good rule is to multiply the average bet by 25; this allows for at least 25 hands. This is important because blackjack is a game that fluctuates with highs and lows, but in the long run, with good strategies, the edge is in the favor of the player. Also a loss limit can be set beforehand. The loss limit is the amount of money that a player will lose before quitting the game. Usually the loss limit is set to the initial amount, but should never be set at more than that. When at the table, money management is also important. There are two simple rules: leave if the money doubles and leave if the money is lost. Try to double the initial amount and if this is done, leave. It has been a good night. However if the initial amount is lost or the loss limit is reached, leave. Never get more money to play with because this generally leads to more losing and more emotional distress. Management over emotions and money will lead to success at the table.

Picking the right table may determine whether winning or losing occurs. When arriving at the casino, do not play right away. Study the tables, the players and the dealers. Study all the anchors; that are the players who receive the last hand. More skilled players usual play this position. Having a good anchorman is invaluable because his/her moves determine the dealer s hand. A good anchorman will save the table regardless of his/her own hand. Also study the other players at the table. Ignorant players can affect the shoe by making a bad move or decision. Lastly the dealer should be examined. Observe the speed at which the dealer deals the cards. Slower dealers will allow card counting, which will be explained in the next section, to be done more easily. Picking the right table can help increase the odds of winning at blackjack.

More advanced players count cards to win at blackjack. Card counting is basically keeping track of the cards that have been dealt. This procedure is executed while playing at the table that has been chosen. This is the strategy used by Dustin Hoffman s character while playing blackjack in the movie The Rain Man. His character uses card counting to his advantage to help a friend win a considerable amount of money. Advanced card counting is difficult to explain and difficult to employ; however, less advanced card counting is more straightforward and still useful. At the start of the shoe, count the number of face cards and aces, which have been dealt. There are 64 face cards and 16 aces in a shoe with four decks. By counting the card, the player has a better idea of what the next card will be. If a large proportion of face cards and aces are dealt at the beginning, the rest of the shoe is unfavorable. As a result lower the bet. If there are more face cards and aces towards the end of the shoe, then the upcoming hands are more favorable and this in turn increases the bet. Card counting is simple to learn with practice yet it is extremely powerful.

Money management, picking the right table and counting cards are strategies that can help the player win at blackjack. Independent, each procedure can help improve the chance of winning but collectively, these strategies can give the player the winning edge. Following these easy to learn tips I present, you are on the road to winning at the game of blackjack, but remember this advice I give to you sincerely, do not forget to tip the dealers!


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