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The overall mood of Wuthering Heights is best described as

somber and tragic. The author says the plot is like a storm. On

the last page of the novel, the reader sees the phantoms of

Heathcliff and the elder Cathy restlessly walking the Heights in

rain and thunder. However, there is a semblance of calm in

Bront?’s presentation of the second-generation’s story. It appears

that the author is trying to resolve the basic stormy conflict of

the novel through the love of Cathy and Hareton. In contrast to

the restless Heathcliff and Cathy walking in the storm, Hareton

and Cathy are seen on the moors, peaceful and in love. They

decide to leave Wuthering Heights, abandoning it to the still

restless spirits of Heathcliff and his Catherine.

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