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There are a number of reasons for choosing a book by the author selected Stephen King. I have read a number of other novels by this author and thoroughly enjoyed reading each one even though some are very long. In addition, the author always creates a good story with complete character descriptions both physical and mental without tiring the reader. Another thing Stephen King does well is including enough description to paint a vivid picture in the readers mind without going too far. I received this book one Christmas along with a few others as a joint novel. Generally, I choose Stephen King as the author to read for SCI-FI and fantasy enjoyment. As mentioned earlier this book is part of a several book novel built into parts so the characters are described mostly back in the first book. A few guys work at a state penitentiary out in the middle of nowhere. All of the inmates they deal with on their block, the E block, are executed by electric chair eventually. The main character s name is Paul Edgecombe the main guard of the group. Dealing with the inmates everyday, they have countless interactions and conversations with each of them. The most prominent inmate in this section of the large novel is John Coffey. Later they find out that this particular inmate can heal people in the strangest ways from the strangest problems. Paul had a urinary infection and John cured it in an unmentioned way. Towards the end of this book the guards sneak John out of the jail and over to the warden s house to cure his wife s tumor. John kissed the warden s wife and drew a large amount of air out of her body. After a little amount of time he let her go and she was healed while he was on the ground coughing out whatever the problem was in the form of bugs. There are a number of unreal characteristics of each of the characters and their actions. First off, John Coffey was the size of a giant and had this mystical power of being able to heal people in the strangest ways. Another small portion to his actions is that you would never expect an accused murder and rapist felon to have such a power. Most good guy people generally are the perfect person thinkable or have some special quality that had been unnoticed for an extensive period of time. There was a significant scene in this section of the novel and it depicted a fictional aspect clearly and accurately. Three of the guards were taking an inmate John Coffey out of the jail and sneaking past guard towers unnoticed. At every jail there are always people watching every nook and cranny of the outer edge of the jails boundaries looking for escapees all day and night long. The fact they were able to get out unnoticed and only worried about if a car was going to pass on the neighboring freeway and see them. There was a memorable scene before the guards escaped the prison with Coffey and it was when they were passing by the electric chair. Coffey stopped and stood looking at it as if he was mesmerized by its looks. Once he snapped out of his day dreaming state, he told his friends that he had heard all of the left over bits and pieces of inmates executed on the chair screaming still and he could hear it. In real life, you would not hear bits and pieces of people scream back.

As far as the level of quality, that Stephen King wrote this book has to be his usual level. For the most part all of his books are written at about the same level of excellence a ten of ten. There are a few exceptions such as Pet Semetery. The author writes with a lot of description as previously mentioned and keeps the story rolling in the meantime. I would consider this part of The Green Mile series to be equal to the rest. Overall, it was a very good book to read because it kept me interested and awake. This novel does not apply directly to real life in a meaningful way, but the story goes to show you that there is a possibility of a special talent in every person even the felons. I would suggest that a strong stomach reader read this novel due to its occasional in depth detail on possibly sickening material. Anyone could read the story, skip such parts, and still enjoy the storyline to its entirety.

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