Fantasy – Year 2018 Essay, Research Paper

The year is 2018. A Mars colony has been firmly established. Earth has become a virtual earth with virtual cities, operators, and cars proliferating everywhere. The introduction of the Eurodollar and many regional trade agreements have temporarily pacified a once turbulent political world. The ozone layer has been depleted immensely resulting in an urgent demand for bioengineers. Here, I come in.

I am the people?s director at a leading firm in the bioengineering industry. My firm consists of the human resources department which experiments with new ways to create more tolerant skin, the future research department which strives to find new designs of artificial skin that protect man from the risk of radiation, and finally the food development department which develops food that result in radiation-resistant skin.

During my eight years at Texas A&M University, I concentrated on calcium synthesizers for bone replacement and later wrote my thesis in this area. I majored in bioengineering and minored in theology. This combination broadened my horizons and indeed balanced my life. After attaining these degrees, I worked for three years at a bio-research center where I gained important directing experience. During my third year, I was recruited by the firm I currently direct. Within five years of employment, I became the new director.

I am a wiser and stronger Sabia than I was twenty years ago. With patience and discipline, I live a life of happiness and success, only made happier with a beautiful family of four and a self-satisfying job.

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