BITS And Pieces


BITS And Pieces Essay, Research Paper

Bits and Pieces

People important to you

and unimportant to you

Cross your life, touch it

with love and carelessness

And move on.

There are people who leave you

And you breathe a sigh of relief and

Wonder why you ever came in

contact with them.

There are people who leave you

And you breathe a sigh of memories

and Wonder why they had to go away

and Leave such a gaping hole.

Children leave parents, friends

leave friends,Lovers leave lovers,

and acquaintances move on.

People change homes. People grow


Enemies hate and move on.

You think of the many

Who have moved into your hazy memory.

You look at those present and wonder.

I believe in God’s master plan in life.

He moves people in and out of each others’ lives

And each leaves his mark on the other.

You find you are made up of bits and pieces

Of all who have ever touched your life,

And you are more because of it

And would be less if they had not touched you.

The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.

BY: Matt Maldacker

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