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Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, at 6:30 P.M in the small Austrian village of Braunau, just across the border from German Bavaria. A World War I hero Hitler eventually became the leader of the Nazi party. He was responsible for the biggest mass murder the world has known. Commonly called the Holocaust, the Nazi?s gained control of power in Germany and quickly wanted to create a single master race. Therefore Jews as well as many others including the disabled were rounded up and killed. As many as 6 million died at the hands of Hitler?s men. Hitler was born into a middle class family and achieved much military success during WWI, but he was not happy and that brings me to his wish.

As Hitler sits at the dinner table surrounded by friends and family, it is April 20, 1931 and Adolph has decided to apply for Art School. His wish is to make it as an artist. He has been making money-painting postcards by hand and hopes to attend art school in Austria where he can make more money. In reality Hitler sends his application to the Architecture department on accident and they don?t know what to do with it so they send him a response that basically says that he didn?t get in and he should try again next year.

Well instead of becoming an artist he gets into politics and soon it leads to destruction of the world in WWII. So for his 42nd birthday he wishes for his acceptance into the art school and this time he gets in. He is widely renowned for his work in the school and quickly gains acceptance. He graduates with honors and earns an honest living and lives a simple life. Hitler is very satisfied with his life and Germany remains under control by the Kaiser.

If his wish comes true, it would mean some remarkable changes in the history of the world. The U.S., instead of entering a war that had been raging and boosting themselves as a world power would continue to suffer under progressivism and would not have had the moral boost that the war brought, however many lives would have been saved, and this was the case in England as well, who lost a whole generation of men in the war. France as well as the rest of occupied Europe would have remained the same. Russia would have roughly 30 million more people and the Jewish would have never suffered in the concentration camps. Many famous speeches would never have been written such as the We Will Never Surrender speech written by Churchill. The war in the Pacific would have ended more quickly with the full force of our military concentrating on the Japanese. Many of the world?s powers would have shifted and who knows where the world would be without the emergence of Hitler as a leader in Germany.

As his dreams come true Hitler begins to refocus on his life. Instead of following politics in troubled Germany he focuses on establishing himself in art school in independent Austria. Instead of the famed fascist we see screaming at the German people, we find a man happy to be fulfilling his dreams as an artist. In reality however Hitler was one of the great speakers of our time. He brought a nation together through his promises and his brutal methods in which the desperate people of Germany were willing to accept in order for better times. Hitler rose to power first becoming chancellor and then by overthrowing the Kaiser after being given absolute power.

If Hitler had never been the fearless leader who has become so infamous, then many of the things we now know today would not be. For instance, where would the U.S. be without WWII? We certainly hope that we would have continued to pull out of the depression, but who knows? Where would Europe be today without all the carnage? Certainly France would be most hurt by not having the war. They are very famous for creating an industry off of memorabilia left behind from the war. I?m not at liberty to say. France was always ungrateful even after the war. What about England? Well England would have never had such famous leaders such as Churchill and Montgomerie. Hitler changed the world forever, and even though it was a catastrophe, many countries benefited from the war.

In conclusion, I feel that this man was possibly one of the most gruesome leaders to ever walk the earth. He caused so much horror and destruction to a world that was suffering. However, if he had been accepted to the art school I really believe a lot of the anguish suffered through his actions may have been prevented.


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