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What made Felicite so special was everything she acted upon embraced nothing but good intentions her entire life. Her whole was lived with complete love and devotion towards everything she did and everyone she knew.

Felicite was a very kind hearted person who did things for all the right reasons. Her braveness and strong will was portrayed from the beginning when she first started working for Mme.Aubain. While maintaining her calmness and composure she sees to save Mme.Aubain and the kids from the bull. ?Felicite did not pride herself on it in the least, not having the barest suspicion that she had done anything heroic?(225). Good intentions were her nature and that?s what made her heart so simple. In a world of selfishness she makes it so simple to always be kind and thoughtful of other people even at the worst times of her life. ?She thought of her nephew; and because she had not been able to pay these honours to him her grief was doubled, as though one was being buried with the other?(236). Her heart was open at all times, and her love for everything was real and true.

Throughout every heartbreaking incidence Felicite?s heart grows stronger and stronger and her devotion remains as strong as it was before. ?For her the two children were equally important; a bond in her heart made them one, and there destinies the same?(233). She treated everyone equal and as if they were all God. When LouLou came into the picture he became a reflection of who Felicite was and she worshipped him as if he were God. But she also treated him the same way she treated everyone else. ? It is almost as if everytime someone close to her dies a piece of there soul rest in her body. LouLou symbolized In Felicite?s mind what God would be if he were visible. ?The Father could not have chosen to express himself through a dove, for such creatures cannot speak; it must have one of LouLou?s ancestors, surely?(244). The devotion that LouLou had towards Felicite reflected the devotion Felicite had towards Mme.Aubai, Victor, Paul, Virginie and God. She worshipped him as did with everyone else.

At the end of the story it ends with Felicite at her last breath and she is seeing a light with the giant parrot hovering over her head as if the parrot is God accepting her into heaven. The parrot is accepting her into his arms as she accepted everyone with open arms throughout her lifetime.

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