Last Breath


Last Breath Essay, Research Paper

The hot wind was stinging agaist my face; I was trying to find some sort of shelter. The storm was getting worse.

I saw a big funnel coming into the small city. could feel the wind ripping at my flesh and clothing. It nocked me into a building, and I rememberd nothing until it was over.

When I finally oke up, I was trapped. I couldn’t move my body, and I could barely breathe. It seemed as though I was under some sort of spell. I couldn’t open my eyes, move my hands, nothing.

I heard people around me talking. They were looking for the one that were still alive. But, why were they passing me up? I was not dead.

The sun began to go down. I could smell the dead around me. Caretakers were walking around now, picking up the dead. They picked me up roughly. Whey didn’t they realize I wasn’t dead?

I was put in some sort of truck with other dead ones.I could feel the coldness of their bodies, and I could smell the hideous odor of death.I knew I was being taken to th funeral home. It was hard for me to breahe with the bodies bouncing around on me, and the odor of death gagged me.

When we got to the funer home, I was taken to a room and laid out on a table. While lying on the table, I tried with every ounce of strength to move or talk ut I couldn’t. Not being able to do any of this, I could feel the sting of death.I could hear people talking around me.They would say, No,she’s not one of urs.It semed like eternity lying there letting people look at me. I couldn’t show any sort of reaction to show them I was alive.

After people looked at me,I was taken to the embalming room. I was laid out ready to be embalmed .The caretaker entered the room.He was talking to his assistant.I knew I was about to be murdered in the most horrifyng way anyone could witness.Then my boyfriend walked in and started sobbing.The feeling inside me was unbearable. I knew the only choice I had was to give up.

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