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He was born on Essen of Germany. He was an ordinary citizen of Germany. The keyword to this essay is that word “was.” After the NAZI came into power, he was treated as an “inferior race.” He did not beat anyone up or abuse anyone. So, why was he being treated badly? He was a Jewish person in a new era. The Nazi government stated that there were only two races: the super-race and the inferior. The super race consisted of people with blond-hair and blue eyes. If you were a Jewish, black, yellow, gypsy, you were left into the inferior race that they wanted to kill.

His name is Bernd Simon. He is a veteran of the World War II marine corp. He helped as an agent to find the Nazi killers and arrest them. In his youth, he received the worst treatment of his life. The Nazis put him into a concentration camp. He had to do work or die. A couple times, he was lined up to be shot but luckily came out of the concentration camp still alive. The SS released him when his mother got a visa to release him. He finally had his freedom to leave Germany. He stayed at Cuba for a year after getting a passport for a cheap price. He later went to the German embassy and registered a passport to the land of freedom, America. He still lives there today and has a family. Mr. Simon is a very lucky man, and I’m sure glad he could come to our class and tell his experience with us.

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