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Myth Spaying and neutering is painful.

Fact Veterinarians perform spay and neuter surgeries under a general anesthetic. Animals usually return to normal activity after 24 to 72 hours. Any discomfort is minimal. Altering animals also eliminates the risk of certain diseases such as mammary and testicular cancer.

Myth Spaying and neutering is expensive.

Fact While prices vary considerably, many human societies and municipal animalcontrol departments offer low-cost spay/neuter services. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPC A) of Pinellas County offers a Friends of Family Pets Spay/Neuter Program, which provides free alterations for qualified pet owners on limited incomes. Spay and neuter surgeries are a real bargain when compared with the cost of raising a litter of puppies or kittens. Spaying and neutering also saves taxpayer dollars. On average, it costs approximately $100 to capture, house, feed, and eventually kill a homeless animal.

Despite our best efforts, Pinellas County’s homeless animal population is growing. When we consider the fact that one female cat and her offspring, left to breed indiscriminately, can produce 420,000 cats in 7 years, and one female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 dogs in just 6 years, we begin to see the impact our un-neutered pets can have on the pet overpopulation problem.

Spaying and neutering is a simple solution, but not affordable for all pet owners. The SPCA of Pinellas County offers a program called “Friends of Family Pets” which is designed to help Pinellas County pet owners on a limited income. Pet owners must qualify based on their income and are asked only to contribute a donation that is affordable. The SPCA will arrange for the pet to be spayed or neutered by a local veterinarian participating in the program.

The Friends of Family Pets Program is available year round and is funded solely by donations. The FFP Program provided services to 565 pets last year and continues to make a major contribution toward reducing pet overpopulation in Pinellas County. Pet owners on a limited income should call the SPCA at 586-3591 to determine eligibility.


+ An estimated 53 million dogs and 59 million cats live with American families.

+ For every human born, 7 puppies and kittens are born. One female cat and her offspring can produce 420,000 cats in 7 years.

+ A female cat can produce up to 3 litters per year.

1. 4-6 kittens in average litter

2. Cat can produce first litter at age 4 -10 months.

3. Gestation period for cats is 58 – 70 days.

+ One female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 dogs in 6 years.

1. A female dog can produce up to 2 litters per year.

2. 6 -12 puppies per litter for larger breeds, 4 – 8 for smaller breeds

3. Dog can produce first litter at age 7 – 9 months.

4. Gestation period for dogs is 58 – 71 days.

+ An estimated 4 – 6 million dogs and cats are euthanized in shelters each year. Millions more are abandoned, only to suffer from illness or injury before dying.

+ As many as 25% of dogs entering shelters each year are purebreds.

+ In Pinellas County alone, approximately 40,000 animals are abandoned annually and end up in shelters like the SPCA of Pinellas County.

Figures provided by The Humane Society of the United States and American Humane Association.

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Almost 40,000 animals are turned into Pinellas County animal shelters every year. In an effort to combat the pet population explosion, all animals adopted from the SPCA must be spayed or neutered before leaving the shelter. Our Veterinarian performs the surgery in our shelter clinic and the animals also receive an identifying microchip and tattoo for proper identification. In addition, your SPCA staff in educating would-be pet owners and the public at large about the tangible benefits of spaying and neutering and explaining the problems created when animals are not spayed or neutered.

In an attempt to find homes for the overwhelming number of healthy pets currently available, The SPCA of Pinellas County is announcing a $35 special on dog and cat adoptions. This special adoption rate includes spaying or neutering, vaccinations, deworming and an initial Pinellas County license. Cats are tested for leukemia and dogs for heartworm. As an additional bonus, those who adopt receive either a cat carrier, or dog collar. All animals are tattooed and microchipped prior to leaving the shelter so that if they ever become lost, they can be more quickly and easily reunited with their owner.Kittens as young as four-months old can become pregnant. With a gestation period of merely 58 to 63 days, a single cat is capable of producing over 80,000 offspring in 10 years. While dogs are not seasonal breeders, they have the same term of pregnancy.In addition to the volume of kittens available, the shelter also has a large number of cats and dogs over one-year-old, each with its own story. Animals like Shasta, who survived a fall from the Skyway Bridge, get a lot of attention from the media, but there are hundreds of other dogs and cats in need of love and attention, who are left unacknowledged. It is truly heartbreaking.


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