A New Leader


A New Leader Essay, Research Paper

A New Leader

I voted Al Gore for president because he has been under our current president

Bill Clinton for eight years. Clinton has done an extemely suberb job in office

and Gore has been under his wing the whole time. Al has had plenty of time to

learn how the office is run and the specifications of how to be a good leader.

Gore was the one that Clinton would go to first for advice on a certain topic,

and as a result our econmy has been boosted to a new and higer level.

The U.S. needs Al Gore in office now because if George W. Bush becomes

president some of our important options in the world right now are endangered of

being revoked. The choice of having an abortion is huge in our society today.

There are so many young people in the world having unprotected sex at such young

ages. Getting pregnant as a teenager can and most likely will reuine two peoples


If Gore becomes our 43rd president he will preserve the option of pro-choice.

He knows how our economy is working and will be able to keep it in it?s rising

state. Gore has also promised to lower the outrageous gas prices that we have

been faced with recently in the year 2000. Bush is againist the lowering of

prices so we need Gore in office now so he can contribute to helping the people

of the world.

The U.S. has been in the best state as a whole in a long time since Clinton

has be in the lead. With Gore following his lead into office he will carry on

what he has learned and find new ways of improving our society. The U.S. needs

someone who is willing to give to the people what they really want, Al Gore is

the one who has shown me the most desire to do that. Al Gore will find his place

if he is elected as our president and he will become a great force in the U.S.

as our new leader.

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