Gore’s Personalailty Has Helped And Hurt Essay, Research Paper

The qualities that have enabled the studious vice president to lead from behind the scenes, self-assurance and decisiveness, also can come off as arrogance and inflexiblity.

Gore is an intensely studious and driven man who makes dicissions methodically and with little angst, however a person so self assured of his convictions that he strikes his opponents as arrogant, self-righteous, and even close minded.

He strives to be fair, examining all sides of an arguement, but once his mind is made up, he has little patience with dissent. His decisions are firm and final, and when he deems it important, Gore is willing to stick his neck out in a way few politicians do. He does not back down.

More than any otehr previous vice president, Gore took a leading role on the issues he knows best, science, technology, communications, community, empowerment, reducing the size of government, and foreign policy. Yet, there’s no other subject that is closer to Gore’s heart than the enviorment. His book adn his feelings are one of the reasons President Clinton selected him as his running mate.

Though Gore may come off as stubborn and overly poised, he does this to show everyone that he feels that he knows what he was talking about.

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