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Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore went to the Florida Supreme Court today to call for an immediate count of some 14,000 disputed Florida ballots. Meanwhile, the Bush team pressed ahead with transition plans, and Florida legislators considered a special session to name electors.


Listen now: CNN election coverage Real or Windows Media


? Excerpt of Al Gore interview with CNN’s John King (watch complete interview on CNN, 10 p.m. EST)

? Dick Cheney speaks with CNN’s Bernard Shaw and Jeff Greenfield

Latest news and analysis

? Bush transition team up and working

? White House transition council holds first meeting

? Cheney undergoes check-up

? Nunn says he’s not interested in returning to government

? Florida lawmakers move toward special sesssion to name electors

? Hillary Clinton: Nation has ‘the time’ to resolve election dispute

In-Depth: The U.S. Supreme Court reviews the case

U.S. Supreme Court documents (FindLaw) *

? Bush brief

? Gore brief

? More election-related documents and cases

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? Other close elections

? Fact check: What Bush and Gore are saying

? Latest election video

? Election timeline

? Profiles of U.S. Supreme Court justices

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